~By Wendy Zangari
So waking up about an hour or so ago, I know, I know, but I couldn’t sleep and I didn’t go to sleep until 5am this morning or thereof.  I have been going through some changes and I am not sure what is happening, but I am feeling very energetic right now.  I hope that I can go to sleep tonight. 🙂
Okay now about the 100 day challenge.  To start this out, this week we will be working on our vision boards and then once we have our vision boards completed, our first video should be published on YouTube or whichever medium you choose.  You can do weekly videos or daily, depending on how busy you may be, or how you would like to record your challenge.  Also, this is a time to look at yourselves and see things that you have wanted to change, but weren’t quite sure how.  This is a time to look at the things you want in life and manifest those things to reality.  This is a time to grow as a society, together, with each other, not separate.
Have you ever tried doing things all by yourselves?  How hard is it?  Isn’t it easier to do things with others?  Even brainstorming with others?  Have you ever tried brainstorming with yourself?  Does it work?  No, we cannot do things alone, this is what we all need to understand.  We need to ask for help when we need help.  I am guilty of this too, but pride gets in the way, or fear of being rejected.  Most of the time, if you ask someone to help you, even a stranger, nine times out of ten, they will help you.  When you go into a store and you cannot find the item you need, you ask the people that work there, where it is.  Why can’t we apply this to our whole lives?  Work together smart, or work alone struggling.  That is the choice we face almost daily. This is using the Law of Attraction out there in the world to get abundance.
Do you want to grow as a human being, as a human race?  Do you want to feel love?  Isn’t that what we are all looking for?  Love is the feeling you get when you see a baby being born the first time.  Love is the feeling you get when you meet someone that attracts your eyes to theirs and you are locked in to their soul.  Love is what we all want to attain, but we feel as though it is not possible with all of the corruption going on in this world we live in.  However, what you need to know is that it all starts from within.  If you look within and fix yourself from the inside out, love will follow your heart and it will get bigger and bigger over time as we practice these things in life.
Today I am going to start thinking about what I can do to better myself and what I vision for my future and how to put it into practice.  I will be working on getting together magazines and my poster board and go to town on my envisions. I hope that all of you will join us in this journey, because it may be difficult at times, but if we persevere together, we can move mountains.
Why are we starting on August 4th?  We are starting on August 4th because the end date is 11-11-11. :)P

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