~By Wendy Zangari
I am wondering how I can get some of you to talk on the forums, that is what they are there for; to disclose, to share, to learn, but if you do not discuss or share you can not learn fully what I am trying to express to all of you.  All of us need to be transparent, and what that means is to let down your guard and trust that we have a safe haven to go to that will not be abused, where you can totally be yourself with no judgments passed.  Also, in time, we will not need a safe haven, because everywhere you turn will be safe, once we get these illuminati figure heads out of the way.  I am also wondering what suggestions I can get from all of you in regards to this.  Please let me know what would work for all of you and what you would like to see us do with the forums.
Also, what would all of you like for me to post about?  I actually had a couple of people come to me with stories, but there are things that I feel in my gut that I shouldn’t post, because my initial reaction is very skeptical until I research it more.  So if I do not post your pictures or videos it may be because I couldn’t see how the story should be written.  I didn’t have a flair for it or it didn’t resonate with me.  Is that wrong?  Well, I believe that I cannot promote something which I do not believe in, for me it is that simple.  If feelings are hurt, I am very completely sorry, it is not my intention to blow it off.  I guess that is one of my faults, I didn’t communicate that to the people that sent me the video or the pictures.  Usually if you send me something, I would like a pretty extensive back story on the picture or video, not just the picture or a video with absolutely no explanation or very little explanation, perhaps that will promote me  to put it on my site.
I would like to mention as well that if in fact I do not get back to you via email right away, please be patient as I do get back to all of my readers. 🙂 Please email me at Wendy [at] readyfortheshift [dot] com or Greg [at] readyfortheshift [dot] com with any articles that you wish for us to post or even to just talk going forward, as we will be using those email addresses solely for folks that read this site.  My skype information is moonstarchild333 if you would rather chat, as I am on Skype most of the time.
Thank you for all listening.  I do hope that you can help and give me some wonderful suggestions and articles to post.  I appreciate all of you and I wouldn’t be writing more and if it weren’t for all of you reading, it would be kind of silly to write to myself, so thank you.

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