~By Wendy Zangari
When I wrote about the fire that happened in California I was a little upset, therefore I was not rational when writing it and it was late.  So I apologize for some errors in my facts that the firefighters were not doing anything to help this fire and they should just put sand over it.  Well this morning my husband explains to me that they would need A LOT of sand to get that fire out and that doesn’t even guarantee that it will go out.  My husband also said that they are doing the best they can to put the fire out.  I was just upset at the casual behavior towards this, it just seems like people breathing in plastic into their lungs would be a HUGE issue as well, but it did not seem to make much of a deal in regards to that.  So, they were testing the air quality and they say “It’s smoke, it’s always a good idea to avoid smoke”.  Was he making light of this, that is what it seems to me, however, I may be totally wrong.
In ending I will say I am sorry if I offended any firefighters, that was not my intention, nor do I know if I did offend anyone, but I am just trying to avoid it, because I wouldn’t want anyone feeling as though I am bashing firefighters.  I admire their work and all that they do to save lives, they are very blessed people to take others lives into their own hands as well as their own.  So I am very pro firefighter!  I just wanted to explain that I wasn’t myself last night as I was tired and I wasn’t thinking straight, I should have waited to write the article this morning, it would have been a better story with a level head. 🙂

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