~By Wendy Zangari
If you asked me to do this yesterday, I would have said forget it, I am having a poopy day!  But today, I am bright eyed and cheery, for the most part. I can feel this wave getting stronger and stronger and harder to deal with, but I manage.  I was hurting on Tuesday so much that we didn’t eat at all that day until after 7PM. I haven’t been getting restful sleep, I have blue/purple circles under my eyes and I sleep 8 hours a night, figure that one out.  Not sure why I am not getting restful sleep, but when I have Fibro Fog the next day I am out of it and cannot think straight.  Almost as if I took a bunch of muscle relaxers, but I didn’t.  So, how to deal with this and the pain from Fibromyalgia?  It’s hard, I cannot tell a lie, it is really hard, but my fingers work and my hands don’t hurt, so I can type. That is a good thing. However, when I am tired and I have exhaustion on top of it, I cannot see past anything but my pain.
So you ask, how can we do this with ailments or disabilities, how do we exercise when we can’t move some of the time or all of the time?  We push ourselves, not until you feel more pain, because that isn’t what I am saying.  What I am trying to say is that if you work through the pain at a given moment, even if it is for a few seconds, that is a few seconds more than you would have done.  Next time you do something it will be more than a few seconds and so on.  I had to do this when I was training for Cross Country, Track, or Softball.  It took me a while to get up to running 3 miles a day, but I didn’t start there, oh no, I tripped and fumbled the whole way, but the key was that I NEVER gave up!  I kept trying, even though at times it would seem as though I failed. If you try, there is no failure.
To be everything that you dreamed of being and actually being that of your dreams.  It will be amazing to get to that point, but it doesn’t happen over night and it is something we all need to work towards to better ourselves just that much more than we already are.  We can do together what you cannot do alone.
Life has a way of showing us what to do, where to go, we all have higher selves, but some do not listen to their higher selves.  Ever heard a little voice inside you say “Don’t do that, it isn’t right” anytime you are doing something wrong?  That is your higher consciousness speaking out loud to you, making you aware of the warning of choosing a particular decision in a situation. Sometimes we listen, other times we do not.  I have learned over time to always listen to that voice, I was told by my mother that voice is always right and after I started listening to her in regards to that, only then did things seem less dramatic and crazy in my life.
I hold my intuition in high regards, I do not think I have been too incorrect about my intuitions in life and sometimes I didn’t listen to it and got in trouble or felt that kind of fear where your legs underneath you feel like they are jelly and they can no longer hold you up.  I have had that happen to me when I was stealing something, years ago.  If I wanted to run, I couldn’t.  Funny thing is, what I did steal was empty and it was my karma, all of it was my karma. Okay I tried to steal a tape from a Sound Board at a concert, the tape shell was empty.  Served me right.
Now I do not do those kind of things, not to say I am righteous, because I am not, but I am wanting to be more of what I am now, I want to emerge into the world and give everybody love and just throw that out there so all of you can feel it.  We all need to think with our heart and not our head, we need to feel that we can trust in all races of all kinds and be living in harmony.  That will be coming soon according to quite a few psychics and mediums. I can’t wait, but we still have to dream it and believe it.
All of our lives we never knew how powerful we all were/are, I had some teachings from my mother, but I still couldn’t fathom it all.  I started into the occult, if you will, years ago when strange things were happening to me and I would hear voices of all kinds of people, it was mostly murmurs, but it wasn’t fun. I would kick and scream because of this and I had no idea that this was what caused my troubles as a child.  I didn’t put the two together and no one else did either because I couldn’t verbalize it.
Okay now I went off on a tangent, sorry guys, lol.
So love all you can love, be all that you can be, do all that you can do and be yourself, get to know yourself, see yourself, love yourself and grow with yourself.  While we all do this, we can grow together and share our experiences, strengths and hopes.

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