~By Wendy Zangari
My husband found this article and it completely pertains to our 100 day challenge and the changes we need to make in order to ascend with Gaia.  Tonight, at 8PM EST, (sorry for the tardiness of this message), a portal will be open and we should go outside, ground ourselves with the moon, and plant our feet in the grass.  Hold your hands out high and close your eyes and feel the power of the moon bathing in the beauty of your soul.  It will aide with the crystallization of your being and support the DNA changes that are occurring within us.
Here is an article explaining the changes we can wish to take place, this is a time where a snapshot of your thoughts will be taken. So please take care as to what you wish for.
What do you want?
When we’re little, that’s what people are always asking, right? These days, the Universe is asking. And it’s waiting for your answer.
The cosmic force of creation needs you to focus the lens, to get clear on your vision, your dreams, your intent. You can take a giant step forward with whatever you want this weekend when three energetic gateways converge.
You can shoot for the mundane stuff, like a new car or a better job, maybe a date for Saturday night or someone to babysit your toddlers.
Or you can go for the gusto and tackle the big issues like getting free of addictions, ending (or beginning) relationships, turning your finances around, living your purpose or moving to a new location.
Why stop there? How about world peace, food for the hungry, shelter for the homeless and alternative energy sources that work?
Do you like the world we live in? Are you fed up with the violence, the greed and corruption, the injustice and insanity?
Do you dream of a more humanitarian world where every life matters, a world of hope and opportunity? Would you prefer to live on a just, nourishing, abundant, joyful and compassionate planet?
Are you tired of your life the way it’s been, your worn-out habits and the repetitive patterns you can’t seem to shake? Here’s your chance.
If you’re willing to participate in making the shift by changing yourself, you’ll start seeing progress quickly.
I’m not talking about chatting on Facebook, sitting around om-ing at peace meditations and love-ins or hoping so-called leaders will turn things around. I mean real-life change, one person and one choice at a time, that ultimately re-shapes the world. Action is required.
Why now?
The prophecies of indigenous people everywhere point to these times as a period of intense purification, the transition from the current cycle to whatever comes next.
And guess what? No Native elder, no spiritual guru, no prophet or pyschic or anyone else can tell you what the next world age will be like. We’re here to create it together.
A momentous opportunity is coming along this weekend to mold the life and the world you do want.
It begins with the new moon on July 30. On July 31, the Fifth Day of the ninth and final underworld of the Mayan calendar begins, coinciding with the Lammas/Imbolc cross-quarter gateway.
The mid-point between the June Solstice and September Equinox, Lammas (or Lughnasadh) continues through the Sun’s crossing of 15 Leo on August 7. The Fifth Day completes on August 17.
The most potent time for getting clear and setting intent is July 30-31.  There’s both an opportunity and a responsibility in this.
The impact of thoughts, actions and choices go quantum when cycles line up. That means we can each contribute to planetary transformation more than ever before. On the flip side, if we don’t bother to make the most of this rare shift point, we’ll be giving our power away.
What will you choose?
If you’re going the empowered route, take time every day to imagine the world and the life you want. What does it look like? How does it taste, smell and feel? Notice who’s there with you, and who’s not. How do you spend your time? What are the qualities of this new life and new world?
According to Carl Johan Calleman’s interpretation, the evolution of consciousness accelerates throughout the completion of the nine underworlds of the Mayan calendar this year. Within this, the July 30-31 gateway is particularly potent. This is all designed to shift consciousness in ways that will result in the creation of a new world.
Evolution is not a spectator sport. We need to contribute.
With creative-destructive energies at an all-time high, we have a supreme opportunity to restore balance. Or, things could go another way altogether.
Monitor your thoughts every moment. Whatever you’re thinking about is what you’re creating. Is there a new project you’ve been considering, something you’ve been feeling called to do? Now’s the time to get started.
The convergence of these power points on the solar/galactic wheel is a supreme gift. It arrives not a moment too soon.
Throughout August, transiting Mars will complete an explosive Grand Cardinal Cross in squares and opposition to Pluto, Uranus and Saturn.
This is pesky energy – combative, intense, destructive and highly creative. We’re playing with fire.
Expect more political and economic upheaval, personal shifts, extreme weather and Earth changes. Within a year of ramped-up evolution, August is a focal point. Whatever needed to change that didn’t during the eclipses from June 1 to July 1 will likely shift now, in a big way. (If you’re new to my blog, browse recent posts to catch up on the season’s big astro alignments: http://heyallie.com/blog/)
The air is charged with danger and uncertainty. What will happen hasn’t been decided yet. With commitment and the courage to try something different, we’ll find our way.
What’s the best path for you in these chaotic times? Try unplugging from all the external distractions, getting quiet and tuning in at least once a day for direction, guidance and inspiration.
Decide what your next big step is. And take it.
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