~By Wendy Zangari
This is a video compilation of UFOs that have been noticed in our skies for the last three years. Awesome that someone did this, thanks!
We will be helped, once we raise our vibrations to theirs, the illuminati will be accountable as karma always gets them in these vibrational frequencies, they cannot handle it. However, on the other hand the ETs are at a higher point in evolution than we are and have ONLY peace and harmony in their skies, as havoc cannot be had.  All of their ships are programmed for only good, it works only at a certain vibrational frequency and cannot be tampered with, they have safety faults for that as well.
So here are our light brothers and sisters.  I do hope that we can raise our vibrations high enough to be able to have these beings come and introduce themselves to us as our star siblings, at some point in time.  But they will know when the time is right and we have to respect that they will come when we probably least expect it.

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