Greg’s Birthday is today and he is officially 50 years old.  However, he doesn’t act it or look it, he has some young looking genes. 🙂 Ever since I met Greg he has been wonderful to me, he is the second man in my life that I have ever loved, but the first man that is my twin soul.  I was blessed to have loved twice, some do not even get to love once.
Greg is my twin soul, he and I are connected as one, we do not work well without the other, both of us together make us very complete!  I am so very blessed to have him in my life.  I do know that he does not think he deserves anything, but he does, he deserves to have the world at his finger tips, we all do. He deserves to be healthy, he deserves to be immersed in life like all of you.
My husband is a special man, when I first met him in person on July 3rd, 2004, he had gotten a hotel room for me while I stayed.  What a gentleman!  When I stayed a bit longer than expected, I had to go to Massachusetts to pay some bills.  He drove me all the way up to Mass, stayed at my house, that we ended up selling that September, so that I could pay my bills.  We drove back to his house the next day and I stayed a few more weeks with him.  I stayed with him from the second night we were together.  That night he had candles all over the house and we had a nice romantic dinner and I was head over heals in love with this man as he was me.  We haven’t left each others side since.
We have had our ups and downs, but we always make it through, because we can do it together, what we couldn’t do alone.  Greg has had a tough few years and I know that he gets down on himself, but I know that he is a man of love, a man that tries to help others, even when he cannot help himself.  He is a man that gives everything of himself and expects nothing in return,  but love.  I hope he reads this and knows that I adore him even if he cannot physically do things for me, his heart is all I need.  He gives me love.  Just like he did with the banner at the top of my site, it imbues love.
I love you my sweet husband, you have made me happy for all these years, despite all that we are going through.  We are one and we know that our souls intertwine and there is nothing that can separate the bond between us.  I love you, Happy Birthday!

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