~By Wendy Zangari
So Greg and I are looking for an SATA cable for his computer and it could not be purchased in any store, it had to be purchased on line.  So I said to Greg that we will look and see what we can do with the cables that we already had, but they are SATA 1.0  not 3.0 and well his new computer kept crashing.  I find this mom and pop store down the street, the sign says “Computer Repair”, I walk in and lo and behold this nice woman goes in the back room and gets me two SATA 3.0 cables, $2.50 a piece.  YEAH!  I came home and put it in Greg’s computer and it will no longer crash, as we just built it. 🙂 I thought that this is a wonderful day and it certainly is, we thought we would have to wait at least a week, you know how snail mail is.
Greg is happy, I am happy and all is well for now!  I am going to enjoy it.  I will be making a short video today after I get some of my vision board together.  It won’t be completed, but I can show you what I am going to start with.
What Greg and I decided to do was to make one vision board for the both of us, but right now we are going to work on our own vision boards.  Yesterday we brainstormed and spoke about what we wanted and how we are going to make it happen.  It turned out to be a better day yesterday and for that I am grateful, we all go through bumps in the road at times.
I am still learning through this process along with all of you, as I am not any bigger or any smaller than you, we are all trying to make this world a better place to live in, not just for ourselves, but the children that we bring into this world as well and all of humanity.  This is a time when we can make a difference, the light is coming in stronger and stronger with each wave and I am feeling the ups and downs of it as I am sure you are too.  This is a time to grow and make our lives better, make our world better, make life better for all!
To grow as a person is to learn through mistakes, stumbling, falling, but always getting back up and tackling life again, never giving up!  I have to remind myself of this constantly, because there are times I do want to give up, things can get so hard that it just feels like the easier way.  The easier way though isn’t always the best way and knowing that I laid this life out ahead of me and I agreed to this life contract, well I get what I asked for. I needed to learn what I needed to learn and I needed to go through life in difficulty because it was probably a challenge for me and I always like a good challenge.
I have yet to finish reading a book called “Your Soul’s Plan” by Robert Schwartz.  I have to give it a review when I am done because Robert was kind enough to send this book to Greg and I as a gift and I love to give reviews on really poignant books I read.  I also have to finish a couple of transcripts from May that I never got to.  One is the radio show Greg and I did with Maarten Horst in May, I haven’t had a moment to transcribe that.  Something I still need to do.
Oh funny thing happened yesterday, when I wrote that whole pep talk about cleaning my bathroom, well after I deleted the post I realized that it wasn’t the one I needed to delete, but I did anyway, oh well.  So, after that whole diatribe of YES YOU CAN clean the bathroom, I laid my head down to rest and I fell asleep.  Too funny!
Well the rest of today I am going to relax, but I am going to continue my vision board and write a couple of articles, because some interesting things are happening now.  What an interesting and exciting time we are living in.

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