An experiment with rain

(please find an update from August 1st 2011 below)
What would this world be like if we could balance out extreme weather patterns through the power of our thoughts?
What if we could use the power of our thoughts in one area of the world to direct rain to those regions where millions are dying of starvation just because they do not have the water essential to life, and, in another area of the world, we could protect millions of people from losing their families and their possessions to extreme flooding by using the same power of thought?
What would a world look like if people were conscious enough to reduce the power of  storms and hurricanes through the power of their thoughts?
This world would be more peaceful, more loving and much freer from suffering.
Let’s set up a unique world-wide experiment together.
Join us on Sunday, the 14th August 2011 from 15.00 to 16.00 CET as we all imagine together that a light rain is falling in the Sahara desert, in the area south of the town of Douz in Tunisia.
You will be able to join in this powerful sending of your thoughts for 12 hours before 15.00 on the 14th and for 12 hours after 15.00. It will be just as effective and this gives more of you the opportunity to be part of this magnificent experiment at a time you can manage.
Instructions on how you can join in will be sent to you on August 1st . This will remind you of the event and tell you about it all in more detail closer to the event.
Why the Sahara and not other drought-stricken areas on the earth? As this is the first public experiment we would like it to happen on neutral ground. If we manage to do it there, then we can concentrate on the „important“ regions such as East Africa and other drought-stricken areas undergoing severe drought at this time.
I will be with my cameraman in the desert to record this experiment live as a part of the making of a documentary ‚The Blue jewel‘ .
Whatever we achieve, we have at least tried! And there is nothing more dreadful than not to have tried to lessen the adversity and suffering of our fellow human beings. Everyone of us matters! Everyone of us! Everyone of us can change the world!
Please ask all of your friends all over the world to join us in this wonderful experiment for the greater good of the world and its people. Put the word out all over the world. This is the trumpet call. What an amazing feeling to be together in this way and to have it on film for others to see and then to awaken to the possibilities of our world. Arrange a meetup in your community so that you can feel the collective energy of this event.
I thank you from the bottom of my heart for your interest and your support.
Oliver Hauck

UPDATE: August 1st 2011
Dear ones, out in the world.
Thank you all so much for your participation on this experiment. And this is only possible because of people like you. Because of every single one of you. Thank you so much, you are so great and wonderful. I am overwhelmed, when I see all the different countries where you are.
As I wrote earlier, I would like to share some thoughts for the visualization. If you have your own technique, this is also fine. Only if you could focus a weather radar picture within your visualization or meditation– as this picture should work very powerful – I would be grateful if you could use this image as well.
I will upload a 3 D animation at the facebook site: The Rainexperiance for Afrika in a couple of minutes and will put this animation also on the website within this week.
Thank you all again in this world. Together we can change a lot for good.
Yours, Oliver

A few days or hours before we start the visualization maybe you can go to Google Earth, if you have access to it, and look at some pictures taken from the desert south of Douz in Tunisia. If you don’t have this, just google some images for this area.
Let the pictures go into your mind – imagine that you are there, and look at these pictures, as if you have taken them.
For the experiment at the 14th of August take yourself time for about an 1 hour at your local time and
Go to a place in your home where you feel very comfortable.
Maybe put on some nice, relaxing music.
Switch off all other electronic devices that could disturb you in the next hour, such as your mobile phone. So you have your quiet and peace.
Light a candle if you would like to.
Choose a chair to sit on. This might be better than lying down as you could fall asleep.  Take some deep breaths in and out.
Turn the palms of your hands up towards the ceiling. Rest your hands comfortably so that you can concentrate on this visualisation.
Become aware of who is breathing in and out.
Now let the 3D animation on the website come back into your mind.
Imagine with all the power of your ability to visualise that a cloud is starting to form in the dessert south of Douz.
Visualize that this cloud is becoming bigger and bigger and fuller and fuller.
Visualize, as if you were a bird up there right inside the cloud, that the drops of water inside this cloud are increasing.
Visualize that the first drops are falling very softly towards the ground.
Now follow these water drops down to the ground and see a circle of stones on the ground.
We will set up a real circle of stones or sand  on the ground
Now imagine that you are inside this circle of stones and feel the water drops softly touching your skin. Feel this. This is very important. Feel that your skin is touched by the rain.
See and feel how the soft rain touches the ground everywhere around you.
Smell the humid air as the raindrops touch the sand. Smell the sand when the water touches it.
See and feel how the water nourishes the dry sand and flowers start to grow all over. Visualize a meadow of flowers where there has been sand before.
Stay in this feeling for as long as you can.
Send your love to this area. Send your love into the raindrops so that everybody who is in contact with the raindrops will get a healing energy.
Pray that this rain is for the highest good for this area – for the people, for the plants, for the animals.
Pray that the cloud can disappear again, when it is the perfect time to dissolve in alignment with our earth.
Be grateful for the rain and the success of this experiment!
And finally send your love to all the other participants who are involved in this experiment so that they can receive your thoughts of love as well. Imagine the rays of light leaving your heart and body and meeting other human beings while they are sitting in their chairs doing their meditation, their visualization.
So all of this, should also be a wonderful, globally experience for you.
Thank you all of you, again for who you are. I will send out some more details before I leave and will also let you know – how we all can go on, while I am away to be in contact.
Thank you from the depth of my heart
Yours, Oliver

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