~By Wendy Zangari
Ready For the Shift is being read in 64 countries, including the US.  In the US there are 47 States that are reading Ready For The Shift!  Amazing!  I feel so honored and blessed that people from all over the World is reading the real truth, perhaps even the ugly truth of what is going on in our World.  I find that this is a time where we all need to come together and no land, religion, or differences can pull us apart as one big family.  Even though I don’t know all of you, I feel blessed that you are knowing that I will not steer any of you wrong.  I will guide you to the best of my abilities to the truth and honesty of what is going on in our World and how we can change it together, with our conscious minds connected, our souls connected, we being one entity that had split at one time, but we are getting back our wholeness, even if at times it can be painful.
I am honored to be one of the leaders in helping making this happen for the World, I am happy to do it while I even help myself and my husband at the same time.  So it actually turns out beneficial for everyone all at once. 🙂
I also wanted to say that I appreciate my readers and I appreciate you being patient with me, as I figure out my own self in the process.  My husband is also changing, we are growing as beings, we are more enlightened today than we were yesterday.  Each day is a learning experience, it makes a difference in our future, that is all that matters.  We can envision the beauty of the future together and achieve it together!  What an amazing time we are living in.  Don’t worry, all of us have soul plans and we signed a contract to do this for our planet.  This is the last time we will do a project like this, I believe our time is done and we can now live in bliss in the new world that we are entering and creating.  Thank you to all of you co-creators out there! 🙂

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