~By Wendy Zangari
So I am being forced by the Government to fill out a MANDATORY Community Survey census form, oh it isn’t like any other, this one is fairly thick and will waste 38 minutes of your time with pages of questions about personal monetary payments to the Oil Companies, Electric, Mortgage, How many people in your household?, Are you black, white, hispanic, etc.?, what does household member #1 and #2 do for work?, How much is your income?, how many rooms do you have?, what is the square footage?, what is your house worth?. I refuse to send it back and then I receive another set of paperwork from them, that went in the trash.
Then they send me a green postcard stating that if I do not fill this out, that someone will call me and make an appointment to fill it out with me in my home.  Well, I am not incompetent, Greg and I can fill the forms out just fine.  But you have no right to know how much we pay for our utilities, look it up if you are so concerned.  Also you are the Government, so look up our square footage.  Oh you thought by us filling it out will save you time.  Well my time is precious too and I will not fill out this silly form, you are not going to make me do it!  That is just the way it is, there is no reason why you need to know these things unless you want to control our intake of utilities.  It is none of your business and there is no reason for you to know these things.  Again it is none of your business and if you are really that concerned with what we are paying out of our pockets and what we are taking in financially then look it up.
Sorry for the rant, but I refuse to fill out a form with ALL of our information and then send it back to them, why?  What are they going to do with this information?  I just don’t like it and I don’t trust it.  Sorry US Government you will have to knock on my door.  Perhaps President Obama will show up, now that would be fun! 🙂
If you want to read our US Community Survey Census Form click here: http://www.census.gov/acs/www/Downloads/questionnaires/2011/Quest11.pdf

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