~By Wendy Zangari
First of all, before you view this video I have to say I went off on a tangent, but my point is that we should all be grateful because there are others around the world that are less fortunate.  With the Law of Attraction and also raising our vibrations we can lift the world of all of these disasters with the help of course from our Galactic family and our Human family as well.  We are to count every blessing we find and cherish our relationships because you will find that you will attract different kind people, people that are honest and want to help you, people that actually care.
I was in the office waiting for my car for an hour and when I was in there the Manager actually called a customer up and told him that his car was not worth fixing for $1500 to $2000, however he had another car, in perfect working order and is for the cost of what he would have paid for repairs.  The Manager told the man on the phone that his car would not be the same even if he did repair it for the cost, so for the customer to get this honesty from a mechanic shop is an amazing thing and a blessing, because honestly a lot of them rip you off.
I could tell you plenty of stories where I got bad parts put in for the cost of new parts, one time it was my brakes.  This is going back 17 or so years, but I got used brakes put on my car, I drove down the street and drove right back and they had refused to change them again unless I paid.  Meanwhile, this was a customer of my Dad’s, from his alarm business, and apparently he had installed an alarm in one of his homes and this is how he paid my Dad back, by giving me bad brakes.  Also he is a customer that I had dealt with when I took over the business after my Dad died, he was behind in payments to my Dad’s business by 5 or so years.  So karma bit him back when his alarm didn’t work and I refused to fix it unless he paid.  So he went without an alarm because I refused to service someone who didn’t care about my life or anyone’s life apparently, karma wasn’t too kind to him, but that was what it was and he owed us money.  So this has been something I have dealt with before.
Again I went off on a tangent. Okay, now onto the videos, I have to say this is the first time I have ever shown my face on the internet and I have been using the internet since the mid 90’s, plus this is the first time I have had a blog that was public.  So bare with me as I go on and on about things, I can get passionate and I think that is okay.  I think both Greg and I can be passionate and that is because we love this Earth, that we were born of, in this life. We want to see it back to what things were like when we were young.  Things were much different 40 and 50 years ago in America and we don’t want to clean up just our Country, we want this to be a place that everyone cherishes all the living beings that inhabit this whole planet.

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