Chaeli Loves Shoes, Just Like Mommy! Only Two Pairs are Greg’s.
~By Wendy Zangari
This morning I took one of my oldest cats, Chaeli, to the Veterinarian, they did a whole work up on her and they found that both her white and blood cell counts are too low and she has polyps on her kidneys and her Veterinarian thinks she has Leukemia in her bone marrow.  It would cost $2,000 for her to get Chemotherapy and another work up for a bone marrow sample.  With her blood counts so low I wouldn’t even risk putting her under anesthesia or getting a bone marrow sample taken out of her, it wouldn’t heal.  So, I have decided to give her pain medications along with antibiotics and eye drops for her blocked tear duct and warm compresses for her eye as well as wipes to wipe her eye daily.  The Vet also gave me an Intravenous fluid bag if she stops drinking and medication to stimulate appetite if she cannot eat any longer.
I was told that she may live 2 weeks, but the Doctor also said that Chaeli could make a liar out of her, I hope it is the latter, but when she has lost 7 pounds since January, for a cat that is a lot of weight and she was called anorexic, Chaeli anorexic?  (In the picture to the left she is 22 pounds, she is now 15 pounds.) I am just trying to get along and be okay, but she is my baby and we have been through a lot together in our almost 13 years together.  I know that all of my friends will be praying for her as they all have known her since she was a kitten.
She is my baby and I am going to make her as comfortable as possible and when the time comes we will be humane about it and have her euthanized, then we are going to have a burial in our backyard. But for now I will have hope and just know that either way she will be okay.  Here is a video I did today that expresses how I feel and also discussing the Law of Attraction in the last few days, topics I missed when I went on a rampage yesterday. 🙂
Oh also sorry about the rumbling of my engine, not very Green of me, but next time I will be more consious of it if I happen to do it in the car, I will turn off my engine. 🙂  I think I might go to the park next week anyway and get out of the car.  That would be nice. 🙂  So until next week. Peace, Love, Equality, and Happiness.

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