~By Wendy Zangari
As you can see Greg and I have been working this weekend to get our website a personalized look.  The toolbar at the top is now a drop down menu (They do not go anywhere if clicked) with all of the categories within (which can be clicked), they are categorized by subject and then by sub-category.  We have also added a Map in the right hand section of our site, this is updated every 24 hours at around 3AM EST.  These figures do not include folks that are thumbing through many pages on my site, once it obtains your IP (Internet Protocol) Address, it counts you as clicking on my site individually and not per page.  Also, we have split up the links at the bottom right hand side of the column to categories that these sites pertain to.  We felt that it was important to categorize them as it will give you, as the reader, a better idea as to what website you want to go to for certain information.
I have also added my friends site, SUSAN LIVING SIMPLY, where she gives the world free tips on how to conserve, how to eat well, how to live in the mountains while being a city girl most of her life.  She is now having to manage things herself and I admire her immensely, because she too has Fibromyalgia, but refuses to say she has it, for her it is mind over matter.  She is an amazing woman who can really help us change the world we live in and how we can be self sufficient in these times.  I have been following Susan’s adventures now for a little over a year, as I met her through my husband, who met her in Junior High School.  She has made herself a chicken coop, a garden, flower garden as well as a vegetable garden, she composts everything she can and conserves on almost everything.  She is someone that we should truly emulate.  http://www.facebook.com/SusanLivingSimply

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