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Thanks to my friends at BBS Radio, here is a very interesting article they pointed me to.  Also, there is a reason why this is relevant, the Bank wants to help out Rock Perry’s Presidential Campaign?  With what money? The next article will show you how they obviously cannot help fund Rick Perrys’ Campaign.  Sorry Mr. Perry, those are the breaks.

Bank of America’s Dead Drop To Rick Perry: “We Will Help You Out”

Tyler Durden's pictureSubmitted by Tyler Durden on 08/19/2011 10:15 -0400
Should we be surprised, frightened, disgusted or simply say “we knew it”, that in the informal mixer just after Texas Governor and Republican presidential candidate Rick Perry spoke at a Politics and Eggs breakfast in Bedford, New Hampshire, an unknown gentlemen approaches a casual Perry like an Ian Flemming character, and proceeds to dead drop the following: “Bank of America… We will help you out“… and silently moves on. At least we know now who is funding what, and whose interests potential future president Perry will be paid to defend.

Fast forward to precisely 40 minutes into the blow clip (full event can be found here).


And for those who believe the man is a plant, we believe it is James Mahoney, Director of Public Policy for BoA. You can see a photo of him here. He’s on the board of directors for the New England Council, the sponsors of yesterday’s Politics and Eggs breakfast.
Naturally, we would be delighted for Bank of America to refute this assumption.
Bank of America’s Dead Drop To Rick Perry: “We Will Help You Out” | ZeroHedge.

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