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Thank you Lucy B for posting this article on Facebook, you are so resourceful!!!
Speaking of being resourceful, this family has 2 acres of land in Canada and they started a local farmers market on their plot.  Now I know people are going to say, well he has to pay taxes for commercial land.  Well, back in the day, when you and I were non-existent and this land didn’t belong to us (which it didn’t belong to us in the first place, but we started our “American” terrorist actions at this time), the land was bountiful, it was free!  We will be going back to these ways.  We will have to start growing community gardens.  I have mentioned it in my neighborhood and everyone seems very interested.  Now is the planning stage, purchasing seeds, and tools stage, then we will start working on the land this next spring.
My neighbor is very kind and has been mowing my lawn and doing my yard work, as well as his, for 2 years now, since we got our lawn mower stolen out of our garage (which I think we attracted with negative thoughts), plus I haven’t been able to do as much since I was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia.  My husband is disabled and is now on better medications to alleviate the pain, as he has been in bed for 3 years since he was diagnosed with failed back surgery.  We are trying to manifest healing to him, as well as myself, and let both of our bodies heal with the power of love, growing our own garden will provide us more love to heal.  You see, everything we do should be with love!  Love heals!
Now going back to this story, I really believe we should be able to do what we want on land we buy!  I know that housing in BC is pretty expensive in most areas, most people have to room with someone in order to afford to survive, or they get a one room, studio apartment.  So what this guy is doing as a service to his family and to the neighborhood, I think he is doing the right thing.
The US Government spends our tax dollars on things that we aren’t allowed to know about and yet they want a piece of the pie and continue to be greedy.  I know that most people pay a lot of money for a mortgage, rent is just as much if not more than a mortgage payment per month.  Where I live, because it is a poor city, we have higher taxes, there is a state tax, real estate tax, school tax (which is based on the square footage of your property and assessment value of your home, ours is around $2900/yr, this is the combined cost of state, school, and real estate tax at 3.07%, just to give you an idea) , personal city income tax at 2.4% of your gross income, with no deductions.  We pay a lot of other taxes for much more, this is just an example.
So why do these illuminati controllers continue to try to defeat our health and try to conquer the world with a lesser population?  Because they think they can, but as we all wake up, these people will be caught and are getting caught.  We will have peace on Earth, finally!  So keep those vibrations up, be love, be kind, be gentle, and change things that you choose to change, for yourself and the betterment of humanity!
Also manifest in your thoughts that this farmer and his family along with many others that are doing what is best for humanity, to be able to continue doing what they do and have control over their crops and how they are fed. Let’s see this into fruition. 🙂
1-acre “farm” owners face jail in Lantzville, BC
Posted on July 21, 2011 by geobear7
Though cities across North America have changed their bylaws to support “urban agriculture” as a legitimate home-based business that supports local economies and food security, the Lantzville Council on Vancouver Island wants to put these one-acre gardeners in jail for violating zoning laws, though they live in a semi-rural area, with cows and horses three doors down from them.
Dirk Becker and Nicole Shaw live on 2½ acres, but have dedicated only one to gardening.  Grounded News headed over to the island to film Dirk Becker who runs Compassion Farm, and who is curently facing possable jail time for what he does…growing food.
Lantzville Council is proceeding with legal action — taking the Beckers to court to shut down their “urban” farm which is located in a semi-rural area, on a dead end road.
The Beckers transformed their property from essentially a gravel pit (created by the previous owner who strip-mined, removing soil, sand and gravel, lowering the level of the property three to five feet) to a lush oasis of life.
They have received certification from the Canadian Wildlife Federation for creating “Backyard Habitat” for wildlife. They also shared with council information about what they do, how they do it, along with links and videos on “urban farming,” the “urban farming movement” and the “local food movement.”
Dirk and Nicole wrote a detailed piece on these events, extracted below:
“You have 90 days to cease all agricultural activity…” read the letter from the Regional District of Nanaimo (RDN), on behalf of the District of Lantzville. “Your property is zoned Residential 1, which allows residential use and Home Based Business only.”
With the subsequent public outcry and media storm across Canada, we’ve witnessed how important this issue is to people.
You can help them by contacting them at [email protected], or 250.390.5199, or by contacting the authorities:
Contact info:
District of Lantzville Councilor’s phone numbers and email addresses:
Mayor Colin Haime said this email should also be used:  [email protected]
Regional District of Nanaimo Board of Directors phone numbers, mailing and email addresses: http://www.rdn.bc.ca/cms.asp?wpID=1886
1-acre “farm” owners face jail in Lantzville, BC | Food Freedom.

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