~By Wendy Zangari
DutchSinse on YouTube has been making videos and warning the masses of Earthquakes, Tornadoes, and all odd Weather Patterns, in relation to HAARP since March 2011, when a lot of people started waking up to what is happening in our World!  He does this for the good of all humanity, he does not get paid, because he cares about all of us, all of humanity and he probably feels that this is his mission from birth and he just found out his true purpose in life.  Just as our service to humanity and all of the folks we speak with that try to help all of humanity with no strings attached, just that we all come together and conquer the illuminati together, what we could not do apart.
Dutch also speaks about his friend that got shot and what had occured and how is friend is doing, he is doing okay, he personally apologizes to his friend for getting him shot in the line of Dutch’s findings.  Dutch is a brave person to continue on and still speak out even after this has occurred!!  A brave whistle-blower!  He is one to watch as he will be our next seismologist, just by doing his own research.  Just as Greg and I are trying to help all of you and give you the resources to find a better life, a better world to live in.  We are all doing our part and I am so proud of all of us that are getting the information out without fear!!  That is the way, NO FEAR!  Be a shining light that glows in the light so brilliantly!
Here is a 3 part set of videos of DutchSinse being interviewd by Kerry Cassidy.

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