~By Wendy Zangari
Wow!  How about that, we are rats in a cage to the US Government.  Let’s see if Barium gets them sick.  What?  Who does that?  Well, I apparently from another world and each and every day makes it much more obvious for me as I cannot understand or fathom a lot of people’s behaviors. I have been questioning people my whole life because I could never grasp their way of thinking, it was and still is foreign to me.
We are on a ride to the fifth dimension!  We will see our family finally and Earth will be in the place it needs to be with all of you along with Gaia, travelling into a new age, a new life, a better time, so all of these things are becoming less frequent and eventually will not even be a concern.  So just hang in there folks, this ride is one we have to hold on to our seats, because the other side is an amazing rainbow!!!

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