~By Greg Zangari
So I finally posted my Day 14 video, albeit 3 days late. Sometimes the pain can be crippling and not allow me to do the things I would like to do; add in bad weather and the pain skyrockets. It’s been that way since my L4-L5-S1 spinal fusion in early 2009. Add in the fact that my new Fentanyl Patch refuses to stick properly for the full 3 days it’s supposed to and that puts me in worse pain. Oh and did I mention that I forgot to change the patch on the day it was supposed to be changed which added more to my distress. Because of that, I was only able to seriously meditate about 4 or so days this past week. So when I put my new patch on a couple of days ago, Wendy bought a special kind of tape that will allow the patch to “breathe” and this tape makes sure none of the patch will lift up and lose it’s stickiness! (Wendy, you’re my angel.)
So after about 12 hours of putting this new patch on using the tape, yesterday, I experienced the best pain relief I’ve had since 2008! This is a huge deal for me folks as I have been living on pain meds for 3 years now and for the first time I can get around without having narcotic induced nausea! I’ve been waiting for this for so long now and finally, I’ll get a little of my freedom back. As I note in the video, I usually spend about 23 hours a day in bed. Yesterday I went downstairs 4 or 5 times! I’m excited because just a few months ago, I hadn’t left the second floor of the house for at least 6 weeks!
Because of that pain relief, I was able to spend lots of time meditating yesterday. One thing that Wendy and I noticed was that it was really hard meditating while we are lying together in bed. I can meditate a little better when she’s sleeping, but never deep enough to not notice her moving around, or making a sound in her sleep. So we decided the bedroom probably wasn’t the best space in which to meditate. Wendy asked one of her guides which confirmed that we needed our “own” space in which to meditate. We decided, that each day when we wake up, we go to our sacred space and meditate before doing anything else. When we’re done, then we enjoy our coffee together and start our day.
So this morning, I got up, put the coffee on, went downstairs and meditated. After the first part of my meditation, I recorded this video, then meditated for another 15 minutes or so. I went back upstairs, poured my coffee and uploaded this video. I felt so very peaceful starting my day that way. I noticed a difference right away.  Once Wendy woke up, she meditated on her vision board while she was putting it together – she felt a sense of peacefulness as well.  Will every morning be so peaceful and gentle now? You bet it will, because we are creating it that way! Being peaceful will allow us to be more gentle in our interaction with ourselves and others throughout the day. Until next time, I wish you Peace, Love and Joy!

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