~By Wendy Zangari
Green Square has now been renamed back to Martyr Square.  Posters of Gadhafi were shot at and ripped down and the Libyan people were yelling “God is Great” in the streets as they rejoiced for their freedom!
We are so happy for the Libyan people, they are now free!  Free from the burden of a dictator that held them hostage for so long in their own land.  They deserve their freedom, they deserve this breath of fresh air.  They have conquered a man who has been in power for so many years, a family that has been in power for so many years.  We feel blessed that they are free now and they will be able to rebuild their lives and their cities.  They can now truly feel free and we feel honored to see the excitement of these people as I am sure many people are now around the world.  We will all soon be free from our slavery in our own countries, we see us, Americans, as terrorists.  We started a lot of wars and I am glad that this one was just fought by the Libyan people  (As far as we know, there were no US ground troops) and they stood tall and didn’t waiver.  They are heroes, heroes of the Libyan people!  May they be able to continually live in peace and harmony and not be corrupted by oil revenue like Gadhafi was.  Let them love for the sake of loving, congratulations Libya, you got your country back!  You are an example to the rest of us! 🙂


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