~By Wendy Zangari
Apparently what we felt was considered light shaking, now I cannot imagine what Japan went through and is still going through.  There will be aftershock for the next two hours. If you live in an old brick house and the first quake did not damage anything, then it is most likely that the aftershock will not affect you. Everyone hang in there, either Gaia is cleansing herself or HAARP is involved, not quite sure, but perhaps we can find out at some point.
Also, one of my readers that I have been in touch with via email lives in Tokyo and is one of the lightworkers in Japan spreading light to all of you as you continue to go through your disasters since March, as I am sure there are many throughout the world. I can’t imagine what you went through, because this Earthquake here was minuscule compared to what you felt in Japan.
Here is the USGS Chart of this Earthquake, now I am kind of sitting here excited to see the next one.

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