Dear Readers,
Let’s start a conversation.  What would you like to see me post more about, UFOs, Government, Channeling, Meditation, Ascension and what that entails, Raising your vibrations, or all of it? How am I doing?  Would you like to see me be more transparent as I was in the last post?  🙂 I guess I was just having a really crappy day, not sure if they were HAARP waves that made the earthquake occur, but apparently it made me get angry at everyone, including myself. So for that outburst, I am sorry, but as you know I am human and I too can get affected by these things that are occurring all over the planet.  I actually panicked too, something I didn’t expect me to do.  When you watch your closet door freak out and try to open, your laundry that is piled up against the door was shaking and I thought one of our cats was banging incessantly on the closet door. I got up, walked across the room and I even was wobbly when I was walking to the closet door.  Then I see the bureau shake and Greg tells me to sit down, it’s an earthquake.  I have never felt a 5.9 wave of an earthquake that was 1km below the earth and was felt like it was right here.
Also, I have been having bad dreams this past week of our house shaking and falling apart. In my dream, we were in this house and all of a sudden the floor falls out beneath us as if we are going down an elevator very fast, but the floor is still under you and you can see the walls passing by as the floor is shifting down to the basement. So I guess when I posted this on Facebook that my friends would comment as they are usually on Facebook at work, or are unemployed, or are working out of their homes, or are housewives, so they see my posts (I believe) and I guess I was hurt when I mentioned my cat and friends that I have known forever said nothing, then I mention a 5.9 earthquake that is SO unusual here and I never felt one before, at least I thought they would say something, anything.  Those that are in my spiritual path, as of late, including a reader, commented, and for that I appreciate you and love you for that. I guess it just hurts when you feel that some people really could take me or leave me, it seems.  However, I forgot no one can read my mind, YET!  I guess I feel like I sometimes need someone to tell me that I am on the right path, but I am still working on not trying to get approval, something I struggle with often and every once in a while it pops out.  I hope that you will continue to read our site as this outburst is unusual for me. 🙂  I hope all of you have a wonderful evening or whatever your timezone is, I hope you are having a good day!

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