~By Greg Zangari
I was watching a video today posted by a member of the Facebook Group page, “The Galactic Federation and SaLuSa” (Thanks Arleen!). I started thinking about “formal” Disclosure and why it’s taking so long for this announcement to materialize. If you have a few minutes, please watch this video, which is a compilation of news clips reporting on the hacker group “Anonymous”  and giving some comparison to “WikiLeaks”.
Peaceful protest is the key. I believe Anonymous is trying to do the right thing by “making” people stop and see what’s behind the curtain. However, at the end of the day, if you end up hurting the people more than helping them, one’s hacking-heart may be in the wrong place.  These days, I feel there are few in Congress that actually listen to their constituents any longer; they just follow a party or sub-party line in my estimation.   Peaceful protest is the right way to get things done and protest through violence is never the answer if you want to be taken seriously.
If America were to unify, have a work strike (I mean everyone!!) then the corrupt in government and mega corporations will have no choice but to listen. I believe 60 hour+ work weeks, and every other life responsibility are crushing peoples’ spirits, especially those with families that have little to no time to step out of the illusion to be exposed to the corruption that is going on behind the scenes. If I did not become permanently disabled in 2008, I would be one of those 60hr+/wk people and I’d be in the dark regarding conspiracies and most likely Ascension too. Then there are people that complain, but are too apathetic to do anything about it at all.
So how is Joe the Plumber going to find out about Disclosure and Ascension if he has no time to even surf the net? What if Joe Plumber doesn’t have any family, friends or peers that are Lightworkers to clue them in? Indeed, this hacking makes the local and sometimes international news, both broadcast and print. Things that never were to be found out, are being exposed and then at least some people start to believe and look into the conspiracies. Groups like Anonymous and Wikileaks are peeling the skin off that onion and exposing the rotten flesh inside.
But for me, because the Anonymous member in this video said, “We will not forgive…” as part of the group’s motto/mantra, I will not stand beside or behind them. We must forgive each other and just as important, we must forgive ourselves.
But my question above stands:
“How is Joe the Plumber going to find out about Disclosure and Ascension if he has no time surf  the net and if reports on Disclosure and Ascension are minimal on the major networks – if Joe even has time to watch the news that is – will Joe still wake up?”  I guess one response might be “It will happen when (formal) “Disclosure” finally happens, and they will believe it.” At that point, they can be filled in on the details by us!”  But again, what if he doesn’t know any of “us”?  Another response might be, “If they refuse to believe, perhaps they are meant to go through the 3D cycle once again.” Which may indeed be the most likely rationale.
I wonder about people who, if they had more time in their lives to research and to look closely at the world around them, perhaps we would be much further along. Americans need more vacation time and they shouldn’t be asked to work more than 40hours/week. Period. If that was our current reality, I believe Disclosure would probably have happened by now.

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