By Alfred Lambremont Webre, JD, MEd
In 1971-72, while I was General Counsel and Assistant Administrator of the New York City Environmental Protection Administration (now called a “Department”) under Mayor John V. Lindsay, I was invited to speak to a group calling themselves the “Delaware Valley Industrial Engineering Association.”
At the time, I was often in the New York city newspapers, especially the New York Post, whose then environmental reporter Steve Lawrence, reported widely on the my activities enforcing the New York City air pollution, water pollution, noise pollution and solid waste laws and regulations with the half-dozen activist environmental lawyers in my office.  Invitations for me to speak publicly on environmental issues were frequent, and when I was invited to speak by this organization, I accepted.
“Delaware Valley Industrial Engineering Association.”  
On the day of my talk, a representative of the organization came my office on the 23rd floor of the New York City Municipal Building and together we set off in his car.  He was a middle-aged bureaucrat-type; very different from the community-based environmental groups I often spoke to.
On the trip to the venue of the talk, we exchanged pleasantries.  The representative was, however, mostly silent and unlike the environmental activist group representatives I was used to dealing with.
The car trip grew much longer than expected. I queried my host where we were going and he would simply smile and say something like “We will get there soon.”
According to one source, the Delaware Valley is “The Delaware Valley is a term used to refer to the metropolitan area centered on the city of Philadelphia in the United States….The Delaware Valley is composed of several counties in southeastern Pennsylvania and southern New Jersey…The majority of the region’s populace resides in Pennsylvania and New Jersey.”
Delaware Valley and DARPA Project Pegasus
Andrew D. Basiago, a Washington-state attorney and childhood participant in DARPA Project Pegasus (1968-72), has stated that many of the East-coast U.S. functions of DARPA’s Project Pegasus were centered in New Jersey in the 1971-72-time period.
We finally arrived several hours later at a nondescript office building and entered a hall on one of the upper floors of the office building.  There was a lectern at the front of the hall, where I would speak.
There were about 50 or so people in the audience of the hall, all expecting me.  The people in the audience were not at all like the community-based environmental activist audiences I usually spoke to in New York City at that time.  The people in this audience were all male, dressed uniformly in shirts with ties or suits.
Smirks on the faces of the bureaucrats
As I approached the podium and was being introduced, I scanned the audience.  I would make out a noticeable smirk on the faces of a number of the audience members.  This was unusual, as environmental audiences at the time did not smirk, were not dressed in bland office garb, and were not uniformly male bureaucratic types.
As I spoke, I felt that I was being observed and measured for performance in a way that was unspoken and did not relate at all to the content of my talk, which was the urban environmental agenda of the early 1970s.
At the end of the talk I was asked a few perfunctory questions and then soundly applauded, which surprised me. I was given a mug with the words “Delaware Valley Industrial Engineering Association” on it.  I kept the mug in my NYC EPA office as a memento.
If I were to summarize how I would characterize the experience at the time, I would say “cognitive dissonance.”  The audience and the true purpose in inviting me to speak did not add up and in my judgment had nothing to do with my role as a crusading environmental lawyer.
In researching this article, I was not able to locate a “Delaware Valley Industrial Engineering Association,” and I doubt that such an organization ever existed except as a cover for a DARPA covert time travel surveillance event of Alfred Lambremont Webre.
Project Pegasus and Alfred Lambremont Webre
Andrew D. Basiago has revealed that the reason Project Pegasus was able to identify Jimmy Carter, who was the then Governor of George, in 1971, as a future U.S. President, is that the Project Pegasus was in possession of a copy of Exopolitics: Politics, Government and Law in the Universe by Alfred Lambremont Webre—a book that this reporter would not write until 1999 and would not be published as a library book until 2005, but which bears a quote on its front pages of a statement made by President Jimmy Carter.
That book, originally published as an online free book in 2000, founded the field of Exopolitics, the science of relations among intelligent civilizations in the multiverse, and provides an articulation of a paradigm shift in which humanity becomes part of a populated, organized multiverse.
According to Mr. Basiago, Mr. Webre’s book Exopolitics: Politics, Government and Law in the Universe was, among other written works, physically retrieved from the future by DARPA’s Project Pegasus and brought back in time to 1971 or a prior time.
At that time, 1971, I, of course, was General Counsel of the New York City Environmental Protection Administration and it seems I had been placed under time travel surveillance by the U.S. government.
Mr. Basiago states that he physically saw my 2005 book Exopolitics: Politics, Government and Law in the Universe in 1971 when it was taken out of a U.S. government secret time-travel documents satchel and placed on a table at which he, his late father Raymond F. Basiago, and another witness were present.  Mr. Basiago recalls specific passages being read to him from the book.
If in fact, DARPA’s Project Pegasus had used its secret time travel technology to go forward in time from the early 1970s (or earlier) to 2005 (or later) and bring back my book Exopolitics: Politics, Government and Law in the Universe, then Project Pegasus also had the technological means and motive to identify me – Alfred Lambremont Webre – as a person of interest for time travel surveillance.
Alfred Lambremont Webre and Time Travel Surveillance
From the literature on U.S. government secret time travel and teleportation, it is known that in the early 1970s DARPA could have identified and surveilled me by either chronovisor technology or via jump-room or stargate time travel technology.
Please see: Time Travel and Political Control, originally published by Veritas Magazine (Australia)
Time Travel and Political Control
DARPA Project Pegasus had the technological means and motive to perform covert time travel surveillance on my future activities 1971 – present. “Delaware Valley Industrial Engineering Association” was a cover for DARPA Project Pegasus
My working hypotheses is that the meeting of the “Delaware Valley Industrial Engineering Association” at which I spoke was in fact a meeting of DARPA Project Pegasus time travel and teleportation personnel.
The reasons why, in my opinion, I was invited to this meeting in the early 1970s are flow from a variety of factors. One informed source thinks I became a person of interest in 1971 because DARPA had a physical copy of my 2005 book Exopolitics and they were monitoring the Extraterrestrial situation very, very closely.  The Extraterrestrial situation situation may have been the underlying covert reason the CIA was founded according to informed opinion.
The initial reason Project Pegasus retrieved my book Exopolitics from the future was that then childhood Project Pegasus participant Andrew D. Basiago was Editor of my book.  My book Exopolitics emerged in the [Project Pegasus] scenario in 1971 after Andrew D. Basiago was identified by time travel as the chief future whistle blower about Project Pegasus. Once Andrew D. Basiago was so identified as a future whistleblower, DARPA began investigating me.
Once a time travel investigation of me was started, as the 1970s meeting I had suggests, then we can conclude that (1) some actors within DARPA Project Pegasus had reviewed my book Exopolitics: Politics, Government and Law in the Universe and wanted to determine what future role I would play in the Exopolitics and extraterrestrial relations field; and  (2) DARPA Project Pegasus had engaged in time travel surveillance of my life and timeline 1971 forward and wanted to know what whistleblower role I would play is assisting whistleblowers such as Andrew D. Basiago around the cover-up of U.S. government secret time travel and life on Mars deep state secrets.
DARPA time travel surveilled my activism in the 1970s seeking to disclose the extraterrestrial presence during the Jimmy Carter Administration with the proposed Carter White House Extraterrestrial Communication Study (which the Pentagon threatened SRI into terminating in October 1977), and my seminal role in 2000 in founding Exopolitics the science of relations among civilizations in the multiverse.
Importantly, DARPA could have known via time travel in 1970 my future role starting in 2009 in bringing to public light the life on Mars discoveries, eyewitness testimony of secret U.S. bases on Mars and of U.S. government secret teleportation and time travel of whistleblower Andrew D. Basiago, as well as of other eyewitness life on Mars and time travel/teleportation whistleblowers such as U.S. Serviceman Michael Relfe, former DOD scientist Arthur Neumann, Mars experiencer William ‘Brett’ Stillings, and corroborating Mars witness Laura Magdalene Eisenhower.
The purpose of the “Delaware Valley Industrial Engineering Association” meeting, in my opinion, was to have a mix of Project Pegasus, CIA, and DARPA personnel take a face to face public measure – covert surveillance – of me at that time.
My intentions for U.S. government teleportation and time travel
My intentions for U.S. government secret teleportation and time travel are straightforward. These technologies should be applied to the public and environmental good.  Teleportation can replace all forms of fossil-fuel (or other) polluting vehicular transportation, such as automobiles, buses, trucks, trains, airplanes.  The imbalanced land-use in urban areas that is now devoted to freeways, overpasses, roads, railroad yards, airports can be restored to human scale use.  Super-highways and powerlines need no longer invade rural areas.
Mars Truth Campaign
I am working with whistleblowers Andrew D. Basiago, William ‘Brett’ Stillings, Laura M. Eisenhower and a world-wide community of other Truth & Disclosure activists on a Mars Truth campaign, whose goals are:
1.   Truth campaign to deconstruct the Mars cover-up and educate humanity and its institutions about Life on Mars.
2.   Mars relations are crucial as a test case for the normalizations of relations between our human society on Earth and off planet cultures.
3.   Extraterrestrial Disclosure Act and Life on Mars Disclosure Act, to be introduced into U.S. Congress in January 2012.
4.   Mars Protection Treaty – Adoption by all U.N. member nations of the Mars Protection Treaty normalizing relations between Earth and Mars and protecting the ecology and civilization of Mars from the effects of further visitation, exploration, habitation and colonization by human beings from Earth.
For more information, please see:
Project Pegasus – Disclosure of U.S. government teleportation and time travel
Project Mars – Disclosure of and protection of life on Mars


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