~By Greg Zangari
Tomorrow afternoon sometime, Hurricane Irene will hit the Philadelphia area. More than one hurricane current model has the eye hitting us dead center, but I’m sure it will lose it’s potency as it hits and travels across land. One computer model has Irene’s tracking out to sea after it bumps into the North Carolina coast. Chris Christie (R), Governor of the New Jersey, has asked that all barrier islands be evacuated. I know more than one friend is on vacation down the shore now without any plans of leaving. Another person was mentioning today that they were very scared because their elderly parents are refusing to evacuate a particular area in South Jersey.
The news and weather forecasters seem to be generating much fear in people as well. As long as people are well prepared, there should be nothing to fear, right? I feel more worried for the people close to the shore line than for myself, but every time you turn on the TV, more fear is generated. Some people have been through storm tragedies in the past.  We need to learn to release fear as it slows down our spiritual growth. One way to do that is by releasing our past and living in the present.

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