~By Wendy Zangari
So the hurricane has arrived south of us, in Delaware, and some are without power.  There is just a little rain here and slight wind, apparently according to this website http://crisislanding.appspot.com  the hurricane will miss us by one street, at it’s very worst possibility.  This is really interesting because it also misses my family and friends in Massachusetts, only Western Mass is affected, I am not saying that they won’t get a rain storm, but the hurricane winds will pass them by.
To those that are experiencing this hurricane at full force, I will pray for your houses to be spared, your lives to be spared and that all love and light pass through this storm and not hurt a single soul.  Stay indoors and just go about your daily business in the house.  All of you will be okay if you take the necessary precautions and don’t panic.  Panic causes more panic, stay calm and ride the wave.

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