~By Wendy Zangari
Chaeli’s kidneys are failing as she has become incontinent and I have been doing lots of laundry for 2 days, so it’s been really tough and we have to put her to sleep on Monday.
She was my rock when Matt was killed in 2003, she was my rock when my mom died in 2008, she has been my rock since Greg has been permanently disabled and I don’t know what I will do without her. She is my baby girl, albeit she is 12 years old, she is still my baby.
I will never forget the times we had in our apartment for those 4 years, she loved any bag I brought home, she didn’t even care if something was in it, she would make herself comfortable anywhere.  Her favorite place is the tub, she loved water.  When she was little she used to jump in the shower with me, it was the cutest thing.  She also would end up in my friends purses when they were over, they had to be careful when they went home as to not take her with them, she was so small at the time.
A year after Matt was killed I met Greg and about 4 months later I sold my house and moved to Pennsylvania.  Since then Chaeli’s boyfriend has been Maxwell, our Manx, and even though he is much younger than her, they had to meet, and when they did, they fell in love.  Ever since then they have been inseparable and know when the other doesn’t feel good as they comfort each other all of the time. He is laying down next to her, as I write this, protecting her and loving her.
The picture I have added to this post is one when I was living in my home in Massachusetts, Chaeli’s second home she lived in. This picture is what defines her personality the most.  She even taught all of the cats here, and there is 8 including her, to sleep on pillows because they are the comfiest and they now know because of her.
She will be missed and she knows that she certainly is loved.

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