~By Wendy Zangari
This video completely emanates what  David Wilcock says in his book “The Source Field Investigations”, which I also started reading, that makes 4 or 5 books that I am reading at once. Crazy!  Anyway, in the video below, Laura Eisenhower  speaks with Lilou Mace about the shift, the earthly planetary changes along with vibrational frequency changes upon our planet.
If our thoughts create, than we cannot create fear, therefore, I will be posting less about what is going on in our world, unless it is some major discovery or disclosure itself.  I feel as though that might be part of the problem is that most of us write about what is bothering us in this world, in societies throughout, and those that read these articles may claim we have no power over any of it.  This is incorrect thinking and we should all re-train ourselves to think positive thoughts, not disasters and sadness, as I don’t think it belongs in our world any longer.
Our world needs love, it needs to grow in a forward direction and not look backwards, we are co-creators after all and we can create our world for the future just by imagining it will bring it into fruition.  You ask how? Well when one creates one thing in their minds, another person uses their talent to further that idea into fruition, it works every time.
For me today I really have to go for a ride with the top down in my convertible (also my midlife crisis car; I went through it early) and just enjoy the day as I have to run around and get some errands done.  This interview with Lilou and Laura really started my day out well, I am a slow starter. 🙂
Enjoy the Interview, it is an eye opener!

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