~By Wendy Zangari
So all week Greg and I have been corresponding with Carol Rosin, what an amazing down to earth woman who we admire quite a bit! We also met Andrew Basiago on Facebook, just amazing down to earth people, like you and me! Greg also met Dr. Masaru Emoto on Facebook and is starting to speak with him as well.  How beyond exciting!
These people are folks that we can all learn from, they are wise and have been involved in some things in life that would have left me in a PTSD panic, but some of them have actually worked with E.Ts and they aren’t what we think they are (they are in fact kind and gentle, which the public perhaps does not know or believe ), some are lawyers, some are scientists and/or inventors, some are peacemakers, these are a portion of our whistle-blowers and we are so honored to be acquainted with them.  We are so thrilled to have some new friends that will be at the forefront when disclosure happens and we feel completely honored to get acquainted with them and perhaps help them get the word out.  They are such wonderful and beautiful souls, we are very blessed to continue to find our soul family, it is all coming together now.
Speaking of Law of Attraction (attracting friendships) kind of topics, I am also receiving signal from a satellite, receiving free Sirius/XM Radio, I cancelled the service when it ran out, in April or May and they turned me off, I checked, I could only get to 2 stations.  So, today I thought to myself  “Self, I wonder if I can turn XM Radio on”.  I didn’t question it for whatever reason.  Apparently I am getting Satellite Radio for free!  Could it be the Galactics?  Is it my wish that I put into fruition?  Not sure, but I thanked them and went about my business listening to The Bone Yard!!  :)P (But shortly after it was truly canceled) 🙁
Another thing that is happening to us, we are thinking ONLY good thoughts and healing to our cats and ourselves, the vibrations settled down a bit and things are improving with our cats behaviors (and health) as during this time of the 5th night of disaster of the Mayan Calendar, things were definitely tough for everyone on this planet, but Gaia needed to cleanse herself and still does. Whether HAARP knows it or not, they helped them clean Gaia along, but the galactics again made sure the blow wasn’t completely devastating for most, as it truly could have been worse.
Also during this 5th night, there have been lots of arguments with my husband and I during this time (which I have been somewhat transparent about), some really volatile arguments, but as we transition into the 6th day of the Mayan Calendar, our emotions are settling down, and I thank Chaeli for that in part, she made us realize what is most important.  What is most important is how we affect ourselves and each other (even animals, especially animals) with our behaviors, how we are able to control our thoughts and create with our mind and in doing so we affect not only ourselves with our thoughts, we affect everyone within our radius, I am seeing proof of this all the time now.
This is a time to let ourselves FEEL, we need to unleash our creativity more often, expand your mind, as well as release all of your past hangups.  When you unleash the creator within you, it is the same feeling you get when you are a child and you feel that awe, that amazement in something that fascinates you to no end and you want to know everything about that particular topic or object. It is also a feeling of the complete bliss of being in-love, having a baby, or nurturing a child. It is the feeling of passion and life within your soul, let it break out of your skin and emerge into the new you, all of your scars showing, all of your pain showing, only to transition you into the light when these feelings pass.  It is a life review, you are now going through your life review, but your shell still exists. It is a time of CHANGE in all humanity. We are very blessed to have this time to expand our horizons in this new world of bliss.
[ I think the last paragraph of this, was channeled, doesn’t sound like me.  :)]

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