~By Wendy Zangari
So the past couple of days I have not blogged, it seems as though it has been difficult to post when all I see is disaster around the world and made a rule upon myself to not post those kind of things.  However, I am not so sure that we shouldn’t post some pertinent news on this blog, such as what is happening in our world.  How can I limit myself and stay in the light?  I have also spread myself thin with taking care of Chaeli, which she is still not out of the woods completely, and everything else around here, plus I have had a couple of really bad pain days as HAARP rings have been in the area and it has affected my writing and research abilities the past couple of days.  I am in a slump and I don’t like it because I was in a writers slump for 17 years and when I started this blog, actually a bit before I started this blog with Greg, that I got out of that writers slump.  I am being blocked and I cannot fight it for whatever reason.  Something I have to work hard on now.
Sometimes I truly think the Government is against people like us, people that want to express the truth and people that are whistle-blowers that actually have experienced the truth, get shut down. I was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia in January of 2010 and I have been trying everything I can to rid myself of it, but somehow Greg and I keep getting kicked down and end up in bed, side by side, waiting for one of us to feel good to make breakfast at 1:30 in the afternoon.  All we have had is coffee and this is a typical day, because most of the time we don’t feel good and have physical pain, HAARP rings/waves do not help with the air pressure.  I am taking Cymbalta and Nortriptylene and are on maximum doses and it does not take away the pain completely, but it allows me to get a restful sleep, which is something I was not getting, my REM sleep was being disturbed and I would wake up feeling as if I never slept, everyday this happened prior to these medications.  Now I am good to go 3 or 4 days a week depending on the weather.  Yup, Greg and my pain worsens depending on the weather and how that truly sucks! I don’t think  we were meant to be on this planet as it does not agree with our bodies.
I was born in this world with a lot of physical issues, I had Spondilolisthesis in my spine and 75% of my spine had slipped off and I couldn’t walk anymore, that was in December of 2006 that I had a spinal fusion.  In 2009 I had a Bunionectomy because I could no longer walk as my big toe had to be fused to my Metatarsal as I had Complex Bunions.  Greg went in for spinal fusion surgery in 2008 and it was his 4th failed back surgery.  He is now permanently disabled and is on pain medications permanently, the Disability company will contact Greg every 7 years or so to see how he is doing, normally they would call you every 6 months or so.  So that is how permanent it is for Greg.
The last thing Greg did in his career was a Compassionate Use Study for 56 or so countries and pass a medication to subside the effects of AIDS and this medication brought them out from their death beds.  It got FDA approved not too long prior to him being laid off due to his disability.  Me?  I worked for IBM as a contractor, when they did not get a contract from Hewlett Packard, they had to lay people off, this included me and 30 other people.   Most of my career I worked in the Health Care field in many different aspects.  I have been a Research Assistant for Clinical Trials, I have worked for Department of Mentally Retarded (this is what they called it, not something I am fond of), I have also worked at BioTech Companies as well.  I have also worked at many different capacities in these companies and ended being a Computer Engineer.  I also have worked for Media companies such as CondeNaste and Comcast/TV Guide as well, I was their System Administrator, so I know how their Networks work on a global scale and even assisted installing a satellite dish on Comcast’s roof, now that was fun. So I have seen a lot of these industries from the guts. As a System Administrator or even working in the Information Technology field, you are exposed to each employees tasks and are very familiar as to what the back business is and does.  You also learn the business from the guts as well.
These are our experiences that we bring to you, these are our talents and we want to express these talents in a different capacity now.  We now work for the good of humanity and no longer work for the Corporate Monster (the man).  We barely have any money and we don’t care, we are happy to be helping humanity as a whole, perhaps this is why we both became disabled.  This is meant to be and we have all of our experiences as building blocks for what we are doing now.  Hopefully this kind of gives you a better idea of who we are as Human Beings on this planet.  We care about Humanity, we have always cared about Humanity and that is why we went into the fields of study that we did.  I can consider myself retired now from Computer Engineering and Greg is retired from being a Director of Project Management for Clinical Research.  We are now working for you, we work for humanity and we want to make this world along with the galaxies and universes along with multiverses, very safe for ALL beings! This is our job now, we also have to spread peace and learn to meditate more as this will bring out more of who we are as spiritual beings.
I am actually very blessed to continue meeting our soul family.  Greg and I are here to do something really important with these folks, I just don’t know what it is yet.  Greg I think is starting to find his niche and knows where he would like to see himself working in the Peace in Space office.  Me?  Not sure, I know I will be working in the Peace in Space office, but at what capacity?  I am truly not sure yet.  Today we have to review something for Carol Rosin and let her know our thoughts and what we would change or not change in this document in regards to Peace in Space.  I have not looked at it yet, but have to get it to her by tomorrow morning.  We are also working with some folks that have been involved in Mars Projects as well and it is such an exciting time for us.
This is what the Law of Attraction is getting us and it is amazing!! Also, Greg and I will be making our videos for our 100 Day Reality Challenge. So we have been so busy and if this is what retirement is like, well then, I love it!!
I would still like some input as to what you would like to see us write on our blog, because I am so jumbled in my head that I can’t focus, so suggestions are very welcomed.

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