~By Greg Zangari
I’ve often wondered if Extraterrestrials (ETs), either from space or born here as a hybrid, are living here among us on Planet Earth. In the case of Sanni Ceto, who said she is a hybrid “Grey”,  and that she was born on Earth in 1958. She was the Commander of the off-world vehicles that crashed near Roswell, NM in 1947. Sanni tells that they originally were attracted to Earth by the nuclear testing being performed in the western US deserts. Sanni says that the Greys are a scientific race who had a technology exchange with Pleiadians long , “…before dinosaurs walked the Earth…” and “…before the Earth was fully formed”. She also noted the Greys were a loving cloned insectoid species taught by a Preying Mantis type race. Sanni and her crew came here to explore and catalog the cities, languages, and all species on land and in the sea, although they were forbidden to do so by those in charge. She was in a delta-winged craft and her colleagues were with another ship, with her brother, which was saucer-shaped and about 90 feet across. Because of an error she made, the force field dropped and attracted lightening which incapacitated both ship’s electronics which caused both to crash; the saucer crashed prior to her delta-wing’s demise. She was ejected and lived for a month after the crash and tells the story of her painful existence during the month after the crash. At the end, her body was placed in cryo-storage in the eastern part of the USA. She tells us Greys are a peaceful, loving race and that shape-shifting Reptiods, disguised as Greys, are the ones responsible for negative abductions.  This is the first time I’ve heard this and having recently learned from other people that the Greys are benevolent, this is really starting to resonate with me.
Sanni learned, when she was 4 years old, triggered by a lightening strike on her front porch that left a mark on the porch similar to what the lightening did to her ship, that she was a Grey consciousness inside a Human-Grey hybrid body. Sanni has been in 12 foster homes and labeled as paranoid schizophrenic. They tried giving her drugs to stop the aural and visual hallucinations, but her visions and daily channeling from her “guides” who are her father or  via the DNA splicing process, continued, verifying for Sanni, that she was not insane.  She would have annual visits by social workers and the outfits she describes the social workers wearing sounded just like Air Force uniforms to me. She was consistently taken annually by these “social workers”, to an “airport” that was built on top of a hospital and every possible type of testing was done on her. At 8 years old she was being interrogated about star systems and what the living conditions are like on other planets, by a man with a beard in a long white coat during one of these “hospital” visits. They did not call Sanni by name, instead they used a designation which she remembers vaguely as EB-847. Sanni was told she was put in this hybrid body as Sanni’s spirit’s Karma, for the loss of life she caused (5 died on the delta-wing, 12 on the saucer) and for disobeying orders.
Sanni’s mission was to give a message to the planet, that only Love, can save the Earth. She noted that if everyone on Earth would be loving and profess love over war, that there would be a “Vibration” and a “Light” that the Reptiods could not tolerate and at that point she related the Reptiods would immediately leave our Solar System. She tells us to put down our guns, stop all wars and just talk it out. She says that every difference in the world can be worked out by talking together. Instead of arguing and fighting with each other, we should be helping each other with loving kindness instead. Sanni, Our hearts are right there with yours!
Sanni takes a few questions at the end of her lecture and her responses were very enlightening.  Note that this lecture filmed in 2004 was her first in front of a group (she is very scared of humans so this appeared very hard to her to do in the video), just after the release of her book “Stranded On Earth, The Story of a Roswell Crash Survivor” (Earth Star Publications, June 2004) which is part of her mission.  Wendy and I feel so much empathy for Sanni Ceto and send our Love out to her.
I watched this video a couple of times through, as it was hard to digest everything in one sitting. I found an additional video that I attached to this Playlist at the end. It’s The Carpenter’s song “Calling Occupants of Interplanetary Craft”. At the end of the video, it states that all the images in the video were drawn by Sanni Ceto. It got me thinking about Karen Carpenter. Karen left us early and had a tough time with anorexia. Perhaps Karen was another Grey-Human Hybrid soul in a human body. The Grey species has been reported to be very thin and frail. I wonder perhaps, if Karen had the body image of a Grey as well? She may have not been able to live among us any longer. Perhaps our “hate and fear vibes” were too strong for her spirit. Like the woman in the audience who came up to speak with Sanni about her hybrid daughter and give her a hug near the end of Part 3, Karen Carpenter too, may have had to move to a space because of our unity resonance. I am really starting to understand that ET Hybrids have been with us a long time trying to help raise our vibrations. Thank you Brothers and Sisters!

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