~By Wendy Zangari
So this past week I was trying to figure out how I was going to manage using one computer in the house, so I dug up Greg’s old laptop and I managed to restore the partition after getting Greg’s files off of there and transferred onto his new PC.  Odd thing was on my other machine is that the video card died and when I went to try to use VGA it would not boot up as the Boot.ini file was deleted completely, so I rebuilt the file and then I had no video.  I am not sure how that happened, but I know what was to go next on my old laptop that died, first it was the video, then it would be the sound, then the network card, then it would just be rendered useless and I could use it for a paper weight, that is right where it is now, in our computer graveyard!
Finally I got Greg’s old laptop working and we are good for now.  What a mess I was in all week, but I remained calm after I initially freaked out! 🙂
So trying to get this to work all week has really truly made me exhausted, Greg kept offering his computer to me, but I built it for him and it was his birthday gift from me.  So I made it my mission to get a computer to work in this house and I finally did.  Phew, that was an ordeal, but I made it and here I am and I have not panicked since the first day I was without.  Such an improvement for me, most of the time I would spend all week yelling at the computer, well needless to say the computer cannot hear me.
I now have to get back to a couple of people that have emailed me and commented on this site, I have not been able to answer you guys because of this issue, but I was aware that you emailed me or commented on the site, so I didn’t forget you guys and I will be spending time today to do just that.  I hope everyone is well and that this week wasn’t as hellish for you as it was for me.  I miss you guys!  I will be posting more now!!  HOORAY!
Unfortunately I did not receive any donations and that is okay, times are really tough for everyone.  So, thank you for wanting to donate if you did, but could not.  I appreciate the sentiment.  I found a way that didn’t cost me a dime and I am hoping that this laptop will stay alive for a while so I will not be in that type of situation again, which totally stunk for me.  Anyway, I will be posting more now, so HOORAY!

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