~By Wendy Zangari
So Greg and I woke up today and saw an interview with Alfred Webre and a man who wants to keep his identity a secret, he names himself Tolec, which I can fully understand.  It spoke about how those from Sirius are Reptilian and are using the human psyche to get through to our human race.  If you look back at SaLuSa’s writings from years ago they are pretty much the same as they are now.  Some folks might be channeling their higher selves and calling the beings something else, perhaps because they do not realize or recognize who they truly are speaking to telepathically. I am a skeptic before anything, I look at something that sounds odd or not quite what others are saying or whatever the case may be, I research sites to the point of no return to find the truth for all of you as well as ourselves.
This is a time in our world where we have to be extremely careful who we let in to our circle of resources.  We need to discern for ourselves what is truth and what is not truth and many beings good and bad are infiltrating our psyche, even more of a reason for me to be guarded with my ability.  Some say that they have the ability and yet do not, some do have the ability to channel and are channeling the wrong beings, and then there are some that channel that are speaking to the correct galactic beings.
From what I understand there is no “Galactic Federation of Light”, now this resonated with me completely because I have doubted many of the channels that I have read and actually stopped reading most of them two months ago as the same information was being said and it was like I was going around in a circle and getting no answers. Sounds like Reptilian to me to confuse the masses.
Lightworkers do not test you to see how you can handle situations in life, they love you unconditionally and will only HELP in the ascension process, not hurt you or tell you that they are testing your strength, they KNOW your strength, therefore they do not have to test us in order for them to see our strength, make sense?  Light beings are kind and loving, we can sometimes slip up too because we also can get affected by wrong information that will try to turn us to the dark side, however most true lightworkers are chosen for this path and chosen to assist people in the ascension process.  Do not be fooled by channelers that perhaps do not know they are channeling Reptilians, we all have to decipher our own belief systems and question some of the things we were told or taught to date.
This is the interview I watched with Greg today and I am truly confused now, so I probably have to sit with myself to gain my own truths and we should all probably do the same.  Take time to feel in your heart what is true and listen to the voice in the background telling you your truths, you may have to listen closely sometimes as your gut (intuition) will tell you your path to which you must undergo. I truly believe this!  Trust in yourself, trust in what you see as the truth. Trust that coincidences are not just coincidences.
I have also changed most of my links down the right hand side of our website, please be aware that if you do not see your website there anymore, it is because I do not resonate with it and am tired of hearing the same old song and dance.  Sorry to be harsh, but life is harsh and when you want to know the truth, that alone is harsh.  So please learn to discern for ourselves because we cannot rely only on channelers, some of which are correct, others are not.  This is what Greg and I have discerned today and we both had an AHA moment at the same time.  So, when reading information please make sure you guard yourself prior to being sucked into another lie.
Here is the video that Alfred Webre did on skype with Tolec, a man who knows, but cannot reveal his identity due to personal reasons. Please watch the first video and then the two part video and tell me what you think. I also know that I will probably be ridiculed by my current change of beliefs, but I am very secure in knowing that I can handle anything that comes my way.


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