~By Wendy Zangari
So unexpectedly Greg and I get a phone call at 5:30 in the evening, we had just finished dinner and the phone rang, it was one of Barack Obama’s representatives, I forget her name, anyway you probably would not know her, I don’t.  So I look at Greg confused because this woman stated “This is a conference call with Jim Messina and Barack Obama and we wanted for you to listen in as the President wants to promote and eventually pass, The American Jobs Act, and then after you can ask the President some questions”.  Well, Greg and I were not about to pass that up, the only problem was he was late to the meeting (I can understand, he is the President), so this meant only 3 people could ask questions, albeit great questions, I just was not sure what to say, so we had the phone on mute and just listened.
LISTEN HERE: Conference Call with Barack Obama/Jim Messina re:The American Jobs Act
Then I wrote Barack Obama an email replying to him through his campaign so that we can possibly have dinner with him.  I am hoping I get a response.  Good news is that someone got it because I didn’t get a kickback email saying that the sender didn’t exist. So cross fingers and see what happens. I think he knows me, either that or his staff is following me, because I can Direct Message Barack Obama on Twitter, but I never get a response.  The one time I asked for a response to him knowing William Stillings and Andrew Basiago and going on the Mars mission with them and then in my next message to them I said “Let me know if you are reading my messages.”  The next day my Boot.ini file was GONE!!  My computer failed to boot up because a text file is GONE?  That doesn’t just happen.  I have been in the computer field for 13 years and I will tell you that is impossible.  It can say the file is corrupt, but GONE?  Anyway, enough of that. It was just suspicious. Here is what I sent to Barack Obama in an email:
Hello Mr. President,I am excited that you emailed me. I did want to let you know that I have already sent a donation in regards to having dinner with you. Unfortunately we are not in a position to spare any more money, but would love to get together in person. Is it possible to get together for dinner regardless of us not being able to spare any more money? My husband and I have a lot to say to you in person. First, I have to say that the conference call on Saturday was wonderful! The American jobs act is something that my husband and I would like to see pass. Right now my husband is permanently disabled and the Doctors say that they do not have a solution. He has been in bed for 3 years since this past April and cannot do anything but take medication for his pain. Last year I put up lights around the house and down the stairway during the holidays and he woke up out of a deep depression and started using the Internet for more than just watching his sci-fi tv shows day in and day out and started looking for God and what it all means. He went to Steve Beckow’s site and read almost every article he had written in regards to spiritually and the Cosmos. Who knew that they went together like that? Since then we have met some very wonderful people from all over the world and are learning, listening, reading, and writing what research we have come up with and also express it on our website. We would love to have dinner with you, and if my husband can make it, he would as well. Please at least consider it.Sincerely,Wendy Zangari
Last night I was still up at 3 am and I was perusing the internet, next thing I know, my computer no longer connects to our network.  I rebooted several times for a half an hour.  I even woke Greg up to tell him that I am sorry, but we don’t have internet and I am just telling you that for the morning.  He went back to sleep, woke up and the internet was ON and functioning properly.  Now I had taken the plugs out, I even waited 60 seconds. I did this for a half an hour, multiple times.  So when I woke up I had to know.  Greg said “What are you talking about, we have internet”.  So who knows.  It just seems too odd to happen in this manner to not question it.
Also, something I didn’t mention because I dismissed it, helicopters were following me a month or so ago, there were two of them and they were not traffic highway helicopters, it wasn’t during rush hour. So, I don’t know.  Oh also, the other thing was that all of my files were corrupt in my external drive.  All of them gone.  That WAS my backup.  So now it is formatted and has nothing on it.  Just very odd things and I don’t want to seem paranoid, but I just might be. 🙂 Who knows.
Anyway, the whole point of the meeting was to speak about The American Jobs Act http://www.whitehouse.gov/jobsact#overview and to get Congress to pass this bill. In the audio Barack Obama will tell you what he needs and how to get this done. Namaste all!

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