~By Wendy Zangari
I have made some changes to the links in the right hand column of the site, below the Tags area.  I felt as though some of the links were too relevant to what is happening now and the shifting of our Earth Gaia and our Evolution or Devolution as some like to call it, to be on the latter part of the list of links.  Please take a look at the new links I have provided as with research and hard work, Greg and I have met some very brilliant people and these are our leaders of the future.  Somehow Greg and I are involved in all of this and we are so very honored to be working with these people and this is precisely why they are on the top of the links list and should be viewed when you have time.
All of you are our family, but I would like to mention a few names of folks that have truly impacted our lives in such a pivotal way and we are so grateful to be apart of this process with them.  It is such an important time and we need to learn from these people that are very well versed in this area as they have been trying to get out the truth for years and they are now finally seeing the door open just a crack so that we can make this World a better place for all to ascend by working together!
We have spent a lot of time with Steve Beckow and his site, he is the one person that helped us jump start our whole process, along with David Wilcock and Steven Greer and so many other people.  We couldn’t have gotten our start without these folks as they were our inspiration.  Thank you from the bottom of our heart!
We have met Andrew Basiago on Facebook and through his publishing on his Facebook Group “Mars Anomaly Research Society” , he is an amazing man and very intelligent with a lot of stories to tell, all true, just an amazing adventure he, Alfred Webre, Barack Obama (Barry Seortoro) and William Stillings all went on the Mission to Mars in the early 1980’s.  We are hoping to get to speak with Laura Eisenhower, and I think we are close.  Since then we have also met all of them, not in person, but over the phone or skype and I will tell you they are so down to earth, such go getters for the truth and really sends the message home for thousands of people all around the World. We have also met via Facebook, Carol Rosin who wrote The Peace in Space Treaty with other collaborators, one of them including Edgar Mitchell, so yes we certainly do feel honored. We met Georgi Stankov via email and websites. Since then, Greg and Georgi have gotten pretty close as they both were in the Pharma industry for years and have much in common, but our views parted ways over time.  We have met Maarten Horst and have been on his Radio Show a couple of times, he is like a brother to us, we feel a kind kindred soul love for Maarten.  We are also so grateful to all of the people we have met via Facebook, blogs, and twitter as well. We have also met more wonderful people that we have been friends with since March, since Greg and I started this site, there are just way too many to name, but you know who you are, we love you too!
Everyone has helped us build the blocks to the truth, we certainly have been riding a wave, quite a wave all year long!  We thank you all from the bottom of our heart for helping us to help you.  We are here to tell you not necessarily what you want to hear, but it will always be something you might need to hear.  I hope that all of us come together as one more and more and put our differences aside, none of us are alike, we are all different, all of us make up the sum of all parts. We are truly one, with one mind, one heart, one love, and one God (as we are our own Gods) in ALL OF US!

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