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Issued against the Corporations known as the Roman Catholic Church, Anglican Church, and United Church of Canada

By Elders in Council from the Inuit, Cree, Metis, Mohawk, Anishnabe, Basque and Gaelic Nations under traditional and sovereign Land Law Jurisdiction
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As of this day, Sunday, September 18, 2011, your organizations, their clergy and officers, are forever banished from our territories and lands, and your property and wealth are claimed and re-possessed for the use and benefit of all our people.
Your right to operate on our land has been forfeited by your rape, torture, and murder of our children, by your refusal to change and do justice, and by your betrayal of your own faith and public trust.

Depart, Now and Forever

If you continue to operate on our land after September 18, 2011, your clergy and officials will be in a state of criminal trespass and public mischief, and will be subject to immediate arrest and detainment by our Common Law Peace Officers.
We call upon all the members of these churches to honor this Banishment Order by withdrawing their financial and material support for these criminal corporations posing as religious bodies, lest they be found guilty of complicity with these crimes.
This Banishment Order will be enforced through direct, non-violent actions by our people to peacefully occupy the church properties of these corporations, and use them to house the homeless and feed the hungry.
We invoke the Great Law of Peace and the Sovereignty of our respective Nations as we proclaim the Permanent Expulsion and Banishment from our communities of the Roman Catholic Church, Inc., the Church of England, Inc. (Anglican-Episcopalian), and the United Church of Canada, Inc.
Posted at these churches around the world at 11 am, local time, Sunday, September 18, 2011 – Issued under the authority of the Council of Nine Traditional Elders of the International Tribunal into Crimes of Chruch and State – Jeremiah Jourdain, Convenor



Issued against the Corporations known as the Roman Catholic Church, Anglican
Church, and United Church of Canada

By Elders in Council from the Inuit, Cree, Metis, Mohawk, Anishnabe, Basque and
Gaelic Nations under traditional and sovereign Land Law Jurisdiction
As of this day, September 18, 2011, your organization, its clergy and officers, are
forever banished from our territories and lands, and your property and wealth is
claimed and re‐possessed for the use and benefit of all our people.

Your right to operate on our land has been forfeited by your rape, torture, and
murder of our children, by your refusal to change and do justice, and by your
betrayal of your own faith and public trust. Depart, Now and Forever.

If you continue to operate on our land after September 18, 2011, your clergy and
officials will be in a state of criminal trespass and public mischief, and will be
subject to immediate arrest and detainment by our Common Law Peace Officers.

We call upon all the members of these churches to honor this Banishment Order
by withdrawing all financial and material support for these criminal corporations
posing as religious bodies, lest they be found guilty of complicity with these

This Banishment Order will be enforced through direct, non‐violent actions by our
people to peacefully occupy the church properties of these corporations, and use
them to house the homeless and feed the hungry.

We invoke the Great Law of Peace and the Sovereignty of our respective
Nations as we proclaim the Permanent Expulsion and Banishment from our
communities of the Roman Catholic Church, Inc., the Church of England, Inc.
(Anglican‐Episcopalian), and the United Church of Canada, Inc.

Posted at these churches around the world at 11 am, local time, Sunday,
September 18, 2011 ‐   Issued under the authority of the Council of Nine
Traditional Elders ‐   Jeremiah Jourdain, Convenor  ‐ ‐

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