~By Greg Zangari
We received a phone call this morning as I was thinking about Wendy’s old PC. It is so weird how the “boot.ini” file disappreared from her computer and at the same time she found that her PC’s external data hard drive had been totally wiped and reformatted. Every file on the external hard drive had been backed up, so no data loss was experienced at all. Most of you know that Wendy has spent over a decade as a PC tech and network admin, so our home network is locked down tighter than a drum. We run both a hardware and two software firewalls and we run several virus and malware programs on a routine basis. It is rare if anything other than a “tracking cookie” is caught and eradicated by our virus/malware programs. We haven’t seen a virus in almost a year and after that happened, we locked down our network more tightly and we started scanning our PCs for viruses and malware more frequently. I was wondering how it was done, as someone is home all day! Combined with the fact that I am no more that 3 feet away from the PC for 24 hours a day, minus bathroom breaks and showers, how did the files get erased and who erased them?
Did someone come in while we were sleeping and tamper with Wendy’s PC? And if so, how did they do so when the PC sits on Wendy’s bedside table which is in the corner of the room, on the opposite side of the bed from where the door is located. Someone would have to walk around the bed to do this. I am a light sleeper and I am just a few feet from the bedroom door all day and all night. Plus, the old hardwood floor creaks when you cross the threshold and you can even hear it creak when a cat walks across it! We have several very friendly cats and they would have jumped on the bed to say, “Hi!” to the thief – we would have heard meows! Based on the facts above, if anyone can give me an alternate scenario regarding how these files may have “disappeared” from Wendy’s PC, I would love to know. I am perplexed and this is quite a conundrum.
Two months ago we received a call from a nice gentleman trying to sell us a GE Home Security System. I told him that I was not interested and that I already had an alarm system. I then told him that “I know all about GE and I would never buy a GE product unless it was a matter of life and death. Oh and please take my name off of your call list.” In that statement, I made it very clear that no matter what he tried to sell me, I was not going to bite! The “salesman” didn’t push, he thanked me and hung up. From what I’ve learned over the past several months, GE doesn’t just “Bring Good Things To Life.” On the contrary, GE has done just the opposite in many instances, all the while happily lining their pockets with your blood, sweat and tears.
Two weeks ago I recieved the strangest call from my health insurance provider (we’ll call them “XXX” for the sake of their privacy and my aching back LOL) which I’ve been using since January 1st of this year. I remember the call verbatim:
XXX: I am calling from XXX to schedule your “at home visit.”
G: At home visit for what?
XXX: A registered nurse will come to your home to meet with you, perform a brief physical exam, you know, heart rate and blood pressure, along with some questions for you to answer, then they will discuss your current health issues and how you may better cope with your health issues. This is a courtesy visit.
G: Seriously? I’ve been working in the medical field ever since I held a part-time job at a hospital, during college in 1982. I am very well informed about what’s going on with my health. Ma’am? I know for a fact, I specifically did not choose this option from XXX.
XXX: Yes. It’s a free service XXX is now offering!
G: But I just said that I didn’t need your service, plus, I saw my doctor recently.
XXX: I understand that. This is just an extra free service provided to you by XXX. So Mr. Zangari, what date and time is good for our visit?
G: It’s funny, I haven’t received any advance correspondence about this at all, via e-mail or regular mail, which was pertaining to this call or about this free service. It seems like something they would have made a big deal of and that surprises me.
XXX: But we are from XXX, your health insurance company! Can we schedule a visit for sometime this week?
G: Is this “visit” mandatory?
(silence for approximately 3 or 4 seconds)
XXX: No sir, it is not a mandatory visit.
G: Well you sure made it sound that way! No thank you then. Bye now. (click)
After that call Wendy and I talked about how bizarre it was. It was as if someone was looking for a reason to come in and scope out our house. The phone call was so odd. XXX never does anything without barraging you with e-mails and snail mail announcing a new service or an addition to your health insurance plan, most of the time in duplicate.
So this is the phone call we received this morning when I was pondering our “Case Of The Missing Boot File” and it was GE Home Security calling once again. I thought I made it clear a couple of months ago that I didn’t want a home security system with this company, especially since we told them to take our name off of their call list. General Electric tried a second tactic this morning. Probably because most people won’t pass up an offer if it’s free, no strings attached, especially in this economy. We made this call as short, or shorter than the last GE call two months ago. This is a transcript the conversation via speakerphone as both Wendy and I responded to the “salesman”.
Wendy: Hello?
GE: Hello! We are in your area and your home has been pre-selected to be a sample home, as you will be receiving a free GE Home Security System if you let us place a display sign in your front yard.”
Greg: No, I don’t do GE.
GE: Well there is no obligation and it’s … (he was cut off by Wendy but I have a funny feeling that missing word was going to be “free”)
Wendy: GE are Illuminati and I don’t deal with them. Have a nice day!  (click)
Short but sweet and to the point. So first GE, then XXX Medicare Supplement Plan and then GE again, but this time with a “free” offer. Do they mean a free spy cam or microphone placement because they can’t hear us through the double pane windows?  As the title of this article says…
“Who Is Trying To Get Into Our House? Lotsa Luck With That!”

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