~By Wendy Zangari
I met this wonderful, beautiful soul of a woman, Angela, on-line, and I was blown away by her music.  She portrays her soul in her music and sings with an angelic voice.  I have not known Angela long, but I feel her soul.  Here at Ready For The Shift we now introduce an unsigned Indie Artist that is the motivator of music for the future. I will be working on getting an MP3 player installed to this website, in the meantime here is some of Angela’s music at the end of this article.  Please send her music far and wide to get her recognized as a new Indie Artist.  She is very talented and all of us will benefit from her soul music.
Angela’s Bio:
Angela Otto is a free spirited Lightworker, Singer/Songwriter, & Reiki Master. On a continuous quest for knowledge and wisdom, she loves intellectual conversation and material that expands her viewpoint on the ever-changing Omniverse of creation. As a single mother of 2, she keeps busy especially at these times of great changes. Exceptionally empathic and intuitive with a Pisces sun and moon, Angela feels strongly the upheavals as well as the inflows of light and love energy. She is very in tune with peoples’ feelings and emotions and can see beyond the masks they place upon themselves and others. A Dreamer and visionary, she is overcoming difficult odds, and is now pursuing her dreams of making/sharing music, healing, and knowledge with those all over this Beautiful Planet (and possibly beyond). Angela currently lives in Nebraska with her two children.
I also interviewed Angela via email, here is what follows:
1) Can you tell me how long you have been playing?
I mostly sing and have been at it since high school although I didn’t start writing songs until college.
2) What got you started?
I had written a couple songs before but the real push came when I became friends with this person that was like my brother. So much inspiration came from him. Him and a couple of friends did Hip hop shows. It was then I realized the stage is where I wanted to be. As soon as I made that decision the lyrics just started flowing.
3) What instruments do you play?
I mostly sing, although I do enjoy playing my djembe occasionally and playing a bit of guitar mostly just for fun though.
4) Do you have a full band?
So far it’s just myself and my computer. I have had experience singing with bands but that was just doing mostly covers and Jam session style on open mic nights.
5) Where do you see yourself in 5 years?
I would like to live near the ocean and tour the globe (maybe even other planets?) sharing music and healing to all who are interested.
Thank you Angela, we appreciate your hard work.  Again folks, please send these MP3s far and wide!  Thanks and Enjoy!

Angela Otto-Contribute_Collage

Angela Otto-Earth’s Changin’

Angela Otto-Imagine A Way

Angela Otto-I Say

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