~By Greg Zangari
Special thanks go out to our dear Brother and Sister, Wes and Maya, our TwinFlame counterparts, for inspiring me to write this article.
With the Mayan Calendar 9th Wave of Universal Consciousness coming to an end on 28 October 2011, there may be some big events coming up as noted in Dr. Georgie Stankov’s recent articles (please see our Site Archives for Dr. Stankov’s 3 articles that we published this month). Many who have read the Hopi Prophecy (more info here) of the Blue Star Kachina and Red Star Kachina, say that this is the right time for this Hopi Prophecy to occur. It’s said that when the Blue Star Kachina arrives it will send us a wake up call of Enlightenment which will awaken many of those who do not know what will happen in these end times (aka, End of Time as we know it). Following behind Elenin is the Red Star Kachina, which is believed to be a brown dwarf star that will park in our solar system between the Earth and Venus and create many changes in our solar system that will allow for Gaia to Ascend. If we overlay the Hopi Prophecy with Dr. Stankov’s recent articles we start to see some alignment.
Using the assumptions above, we see that the comet Elenin becomes this Blue Star Kachina and in a few days from now, will align with Earth, Venus, Mercury and the Sun. The last time Elenin was in an alignment with several of our Solar System’s bodies, was 11 March 2011 and we all remember what happened in Japan that day. Will there be earthquakes with this new alignment on the 27th? No one knows for sure; many have been preaching doom and gloom, and they will get what they imagined if they are in fear at the time.  Will earthquakes be caused by the dark forces in order for people to miss the Blue Star Kachina’s message?  This may be a possibility. It may be why the military is moving President Obama to an underground bunker near Denver, CO next week on the 27th. Some say the New Madrid Fault will be made to quake creating an ocean going from the Great Lakes though the heart of the USA, down to the Gulf of Mexico. Personally, I do not sense this will happen.
What is really happening when we look at the Mayan calender at this time is explained in detail in this video which compares an interpretation of the 9th Wave hieroglyphs, with a Timewave Calculator used by the author of this video, YouTube User, “5T4RSCREAM333”. I have been subscribed to his channel for several weeks and he does a great job of explaining what is happening at this time which really aids in reducing fear as knowledge empowers. So what are we supposed to do if all hell starts breaking loose around the globe next week? First, do what your heart and gut tells you to do. If your heart tells you that you’re going to be safe, you will be. If your gut tells you to move out of the way in order to save yourself, then follow your heart to that new, safe place. Your heart will know the way, just look inside and wait for an internal or external response confirming your feelings about your safety and follow your heart.
We can make all of this better by not being afraid and knowing in our hearts that , no matter what the outcome, you will be ok, no matter what decision you make. I for one refuse to be in fear during these times. I prefer to stay grounded in my heart and at peace inside and out.  Do something that you like to do. Listen to music, meditate, read a book, lay in your backyard at night staring out  into space and imagine the possibilities, or in the daytime, watch the beautiful clouds pass by.  Most importantly, think “Love”.
Love is the Energy that surrounds the entire Universe. Everything in existence in this Universe was created from Love. Take a minute to think of a special person or animal that you love with all of your heart. You know that almost choked up feeling you get when you think about the love you share with that person or animal? That’s the mindset you want to be in during these times.
Everything that you think about will be granted to you. At this point in the timeline, what we create via thought is brought easily to fruition by the energies surrounding us.  So by all means, do not think about death and destruction, think about those who you love and what it feels like to love them. Grab on to that feeling and hold on to it as many hours per day as you can. Meditating on Love is one of my favorite things to do. Now is the time that the world can create Peace, Love, Joy and Hope…just by thinking about it! Think Love and all will be well! Remember what Lennon said, “Love Is All You Need!” and he was correct!

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