~By Wendy Zangari
I am feeling a lot of fear running rampant in this world at this time.  In order to quell your fears I am going to tell you about my near death experiences and let you know that when you are close to death you submit to the power of whatever will happen, will happen.  At this point you have no control and you know what might happen and that there is nothing you can do about it. It is not to make you fear or make me feel like I am great because I didn’t die and that isn’t the case.
Also. these are examples of when I could have died and I didn’t, I was spared to be here for all of you, to help you allay your fears.  Some folks say “Wow, she had it worse than me”, but I did not, all of us experienced our lives in the set way that we have made for ourselves.  All of us had our own tragedies, but I will tell you some of mine so that you can know that I know the feeling of a uninhibited being, even if it was for seconds at a time.  I was not allowed to see the other side in full (I only saw blackness) as I would not come back, Would you?
At 14 years old, in 1986, I had a cyst that was internal, inside my rear end going from my coccyx all the way down to my rectum, it even had to be removed twice, the doctors did not get all of the cyst out the first time. I had plastic surgery done to my rear end because they had to take tissue from there to replace the tissue that the cyst ate away.  They also re-sectioned my bowel and I had to heal from the inside out.  My mom had me sleep on the living room floor and she would have to change the tubes, that were for draining, out of my back.  In addition to that she had to pack the wound everyday with gauze and Betadyne.
In 1987, after I got my license and prior to me living in a half-way house, I let one of my friends drive my moms Buick Park Avenue, I told him that he could only drive 15mph in the parking lot.  Needless to say he did not listen to me and drove out of the parking lot and started going 55mph in a 20mph zone.  He bent down to get the car lighter to light his cigarette, his hand on the steering wheel went in the same direction as his body was leaning.  We veered off of the road and was stopped by one big oak tree, which we could not see through the birch trees we just plowed through.  My moms Buick was now totaled. The whole entire engine was crushed and the tree was about one inch from the windshield. I yelled at my friend who had hit his nose on the steering wheel and got a bloody nose.  I was in the passenger seat, unscathed, and didn’t wear a seat-belt.
In 1991, when I was Nineteen years old, I got into another really bad car accident. My friend was pulling up to a gas pump and someone had raced him to the pump and needless to say, they won.  Boy was my friend steaming, he got his gas and then raced down a 25mph road, going 50mph.  We ran a red light, an older gentleman was taking a turn in front of us, he had the right of way, and we hit him head on spinning out of control and finally hitting a telephone pole. I was sitting in the passenger seat with no seat-belt on and I didn’t even get a scratch. Nothing happened to my friend either and neither of us were wearing seat-belts.
In 1997, I relapsed and I went out into the world outside of AA, CA, NA Support Groups.  I started shooting cocaine into my arms, my addiction went further than it ever did. One day it was raining out, I was driving on the highway, at the last minute I saw that I was just about to miss my exit.  I immediately swerved over to the right hand side of the highway, went over the guardrail sideways and flew in the air and landed on the right hand side of the exit ramp behind someone that was at the stop sign at the corner, on all four tires.  Only two of tires blew out, and yet again I was not wearing my seat-belt. The gentleman at the stop sign saw me fly in the air and land behind him, he got out of his car and was scared that I was hurt.  He asked if I was okay, I was perfectly fine, no bruises, nothing.  This man helped me change the tires in the rain as I had two spares, he even rotated the tires so that the good tires were on the front and the spares we on the back.  I drove home and it didn’t stop me from using drugs, it just made me feel invincible.
I continued using up until the Thanksgiving , in 1997, after my dads death,  and after a six month stint of using. I woke up that morning and stood at the top of the stairs and yelled downstairs to my mom that the gig was up!!  It was just her and I living at home now. I told her that I am free and I am going to be there for her now and I don’t need the drugs.  I stopped cold turkey without any withdrawals.  I was told by my guides, just recently, that if in fact I went to the doctors, I would not show any signs of cocaine in my body.  I was amazed and felt blessed that I had been gifted my life, even after I had gone to the hospital time and time again to have my stomach pumped for overdosing on pills so that I truly could die.  It was not an attention getting deal, I seriously wanted to die, I didn’t feel at home in this world and now I know why.
I have not been down that path until Matt was killed in 2003, I started drinking again, only once, but it was enough for me to get thoroughly sick and spend most of the night alone in the bathroom.  I do not use drugs or drink anymore, the very last time I drank was in Calgary, but I could not tell the alcohol content, it was a very well disguised drink. lol. 🙂
However, I soon realized that my drinking is situational and that this time I was drinking socially.  We have had bottles of wine in the cellar and I think we gave more of them away than we did drink any of them.  They are still there and they don’t tempt me, not ever, because I don’t like drinking, not after what I went through with my stomach and throwing up every day, every 15 minutes and having to go to the hospital time and time again to get re-hydrated. When I went to a Gastroenterologist, they found that I did not have a stomach or esophagus lining anymore.  They gave me medication for a year and a half too long and almost made me more sick.  I took myself off of the medication and I finally got better.
I have since had my right toe fused,  as well as my spine fused due to my spine slipping off 75% of my lower lumbar region, and now I cannot feel my right calf or foot.  I am lucky, I woke up not feeling anything from the waste down, the spinal had not worn off yet. So I am lucky I can feel anything at all.  My back surgery was a success, but with my foot hurting all of the time, doesn’t help matters.  It also doesn’t help that I have Fibromyalgia, but I am being kept down to be here to assist in Ascension.
All of these times I could have died, I felt the feeling of not caring what the outcome was, because at these moments, just moments before my accidents or surgeries, I felt peaceful, I didn’t fight back as I had done 5 seconds prior, I gave into the unknown.  It was a slow motion effect that felt longer than a second or two.  I was in a place of contentment, a place of whatever happens, happens.  I let go and let God, if you will. I let go of everything and I was NOT AFRAID.  I couldn’t fear something that was so calming and surreal as well as serene.
I did not see any light during any of these times, I was not supposed to, I know and have been told by my guides if I had felt the wondrous moment of “death” that I would not come back and my mission, OUR mission would be null and void. They need me here, I feel that connection now, stronger than ever.
I know that not everyone knows their path yet, but you will find that you will remember, the moon will be blocked by Elenin and the brown dwarf. The moon is a planet and it has had control of our moods for so long.  I know that may sound unfathomable, however it is fact what my husband and I among others, resonate with. Your DNA will be re-activated, as we only know 3%  or so of our DNA, the rest of  it is called “Junk DNA”.  It is not “Junk DNA”, it is something we have been deprived of for so long and once we all remember, when the moon light is blocked (1 to 3 Days of Darkness), our DNA will be activated.
It is a time to love, a time to feel blessed that we are living to see the beautiful and wonderful things that are going to happen to all of us (if we stay in the light).  We are going to be the Beings that ascend with Gaia, helping and aiding the world to be a better place.  We want all Beings to have inalienable rights throughout the Multiverses, not just our planet. We will see that, all will be well with the worlds.
We cannot fear as it feeds into the unknown and why fear the unknown if there is nothing you can do about it.  Embrace this time, give love to everyone you know, give love to the Multiverses, our love needs to be stronger now than ever.  We cannot afford to fear, we have been through worse and it is time to embrace love and not give in to the fear.  It isn’t healthy to fear. Embrace the unknown, all of us will end up on the right side of the street and we will all be okay.
Just live in the now, smell the flowers around you and know the love, feel the love, embrace the love.  Feel the love from me to you as I was meant to stay here and express my love to you and to aide you in need. We will be entering the Golden Age soon enough and all we will know is peace and love.  So stay in your heart.
Namaste and be in peace, I love you all!

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