~By Wendy Zangari
Our baby girl Chaeli went to the fourth dimension, she went to assist us in this whole ascension process, as Greg and I believe that she is from a very high dimension and had to be in my life for the last 13 years to show me how to be zen with life and myself.  She taught us how to be okay with each moment, even when she wanted to die, she was very good at letting us know what she wanted, and when she wanted it.  I could read her as she and I had a bond like nothing else.  When she and I exchanged love with our eyes, we exchanged energy with our touch. I taught Greg that she doesn’t need to pat her, but all she needs is his hand or body touching her and she is relaxed and goes back to sleep, after giving us a look and a cute tiny meow to let us know she needs us to touch her.  She started giving of her soul to Greg not too long ago when the two of them exchanged a love for each other like she and I do, they also intertwined their souls.  She taught us that we are all family and love is all you need. We are one big family and we love love!
She was a vibrant soul, a soul that taught us peace, to be at peace in your mind, body, and soul!  She taught us that a water fountain is much better to take a bath AND a drink at the same time and it is even nice to lay your head on the edge and sit and listen to the waterfall. She taught us that cats NEED to sleep on your pillow, and they have to take most of your pillows for comfort, she did give us one corner of the pillow though, so that was nice of her.
Chaeli used to end up in my friends purses when they would come to visit my homes in Waltham or Bellingham, Massachusetts, where Chaeli first resided. She would find a comfy nook in their baby’s bags or purses and take a nap.  Hey why not, right?  They weren’t leaving any time soon.  She was a beautiful friend and a beautiful soulmate, I will miss her in this world, but know that I will see her soon.
It gives me comfort to know that she can speak to me.  When we brought her to the Veterinarians to get euthanized, as her soul was hanging on by a thread, she let me see the gift of where she went in a vision.  I didn’t get to see my father or mother or any relatives, because in that instant it was just her romping around like a kitten in a beautiful green field of soft plush grass that waves in the wind.  The sky was bluer than any sky I could see, the flowers were more vibrant, the trees were so alive and everything was so crisp and clear.  I saw her jumping and running again, she was small and a little kitten again, she wasn’t sick at all.  Just beautiful!! Breath taking!
After she went into this blissful place she was greeted in the yonder by Matt, my mom and dad, my grandmother on my dads side, our other cats that have passed, among others that were not in the forefront, but were there as guides to assist in passing through.  I did not get to see this, this is something that Chaeli spoke to me and told me, I know it sounds odd, but we call Greg the cat whisperer because he knows what they want and what they are saying to him apparently.  He has a bond with animals like no one I have ever seen.  I can only talk with animals at this point if they reach to the next dimension.
Chaeli is now free of her body, free of the spacesuit she was given. She is now going to assist us from the other side and guide us through the rest of our journey on this plane.
Thank you Chaeli for being a best friend, a soulmate, and the love of our life!  We will see you when we get to the next dimension.  We love you!

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