~By Wendy Zangari
I have been very discouraged and sad lately, a lot of lightworkers are separating in their paths, however it is something that needs to occur in order for us to have a group that is the first to go through the portal, and those that awaken later, that are last to go through the portal.  Those that are going through the portal last are some of our friends, and it is difficult to communicate with them during this time while having different views and having different opinions on subject matters regarding the truth.
I really need to speak here about deciphering the truth from un-truth.  We are in critical times and do not have time to waste, however this is the soul plan contract that all of us signed, and it has to be fulfilled in this lifetime.
My contract is to help all of you see the light, be shown the light and breathe in the light.  I am here to show you how life can be, how life should be, and how life will be.  The times we have entered now shows a separation of lightworkers within our spiritual community.  Greg and myself cannot put these lightworkers links on our site as it does not reflect what we are all about; we have also deleted said articles. There will be ongoing changes to our site as we find more truth out there on the internet.
Also, to prepare for enlightenment is to find yourself, your inner soul, and connect with that part of you that will take you to the higher realms.  In order to get there within yourself you have to meditate and lighten your soul.  Also, please do not forget to protect yourself every time you start to meditate by saying something of this nature “I protect myself, my family, and my home and only allow those into my circle for my highest good.” This is one of the most important tasks you need to do prior to meditating.
While we are finding that although there is a split among lightworkers, that everyone has a job to do and everyone gets the job done whether it be sooner or later.  We are all important in the ascension process and all of us have a part to play.  I refuse to argue with people on Facebook in regards to our different beliefs and I am grateful the discussions have finally ended.  Those that will evolve later will realize that we were not trying to shove a belief down their throat, we were just explaining our belief systems and how they could possibly look at the channelings a whole different way, in a new perspective.  Unfortunately they repel our words and our teachings from what we know is truth.
I still cannot understand how some people can rely so heavily on channels and not their inner self.  This is where you will find your answers, not necessarily in a channel, but within yourselves.  It has been a known fact time and time again, to rely on your gut (which interprets to your inner self). It is the time that looking within, you will receive answers when you least expect them and also when you ask your higher self, it will never lie if you listen closely.  Once you learn to connect to your higher self, and only until then, are you able to speak to your guides.  It is a process just like everything else in this world.
We cannot see sometimes beyond the front of our face, we stop our growth by not letting ourselves let go of our pride, ego, or stubbornness.  We have to open ourselves up, and yes we may get hurt, but each time it will roll off your shoulders that much more.  It is our strength that gets us through and we cannot waiver because we cannot continue to grow and learn as soul beings.
We are all one whether or not we are the ones to go first through the portal, or the last. This is also a fact. We have to have this mindset and learn that we are not separate, we do not and cannot do things without others.  We all need each other and that is where this ascension process will lie in the end times (which also means the exiting of one time and entering into another, The Golden Age/The New Age).

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