By Alfred Lambremont Webre, JD, MEd

Extraterrestrial affairs author and researcher Robert M. Stanley,whose recent book Covert Encounters in Washington, DC is considered the most complete history of UFO encounters over the U.S. capital, has publicly called on all ‘Lightworkers’ – individuals who work with consciousness – to participate in the “Soul Light Project” and hold consciousness meditations on two significant dates with the purpose of positively affecting the source field on these key transformational days in two crucial arenas.
A description of the Soul Light Project can be found at:

Oct. 28, 2011 and 11.11.11

On Oct, 28, 2011, a date that some consider the end of the 9th wave of the Mayan Calendar and the beginning of unfiltered waves of unity consciousness to our planet from the inter dimensional portal at the core of our Universe, participating Lightworkers are asked to focus positive consciousness energy on three cities that, according to Mr. Stanley’s research, are centers of negative interdimensional entities and energy – Washington, DC; London, UK, and Rome (Vatican), Italy.
On 11.11.11 (Nov. 11, 2011), a date that some consider to signify an initial opening of an interdimensional portal for planetary transformation via dimensional shift, participating Lightworkers are asked to send conscious positive energy to the centers of the Sun, moon, and our planet Earth.
Mr. Stanley states, “On November 11, 2011 we invite you to visualize your soul light beaming down from “Heaven” to the center of:
• The Sun
• The Earth
• The Moon
“These celestial spheres will use the loving light/energy/consciousness you send them to heal and evolve life on Earth.
“Why should anyone participate in this project?’” Mr. Stanley asks. “To aid in the evolution of our society and our planetary system of the Sun/Earth/Moon.”

Watch ExopoliticsTV interview on Soul Light Project

Readers can watch an ExopoliticsTV interview on Soul Light Project with Robert M. Stanley and Alfred Lambremont Webre in the article above or at the following URL


The energy of focused consciousness

In his Soul Light Project statement, Mr. Stanley writes, “How does this work?
“Scientific data has recently been published that proves we are beings of intelligent light. The cores of our soul light exist in a higher plane off the planet. Our bodies, our cities and even our Sun/Earth/Moon system all absorb radiant light/energy from the cosmos. Over time, that intelligent light/energy is processed, filtered and then released back into the cosmos.
“At this time, there are benevolent beings from other worlds and other dimensions that are assisting us behind the scenes, but they would appreciate our help because in time (after the entities from the dark side are dispelled) we will need to take on more and more responsibility for our affairs.”

The source field investigations

Researcher David Wilcock in his book The Source Field Investigations confirms the effects of focused consciousness energy on the source field – “a living energy field the entire Universe is built on.”
Mr. Wilcock details several experiments over the involving the effects on the source field from approximately seven thousand people meditating, including a decrease of violent crime of “up to 23.6 percent over a two-year period in Washington, DC.”

Source field lecture by David Wilcock

Readers can also listen to a lecture by Mr. Wilcock on the source field here:

GO VIRAL: Self-organizing the Soul Light Project – Oct. 28 & 11.11.11

In his ExopoliticsTV interview, Mr. Stanley emphasized that the many existing source field “guided” meditations planned for Oct. 28 and 11.11.11 can easily adjust part of their focus to participate in Soul Light Project.
Oct. 28 – Lightworkers focus on the source field as affects Washington, DC, London (UK), and Rome (Vatican)
11.11.11 – Lightworkers focus on the source field as affects the centers of the Sun, Moon and Earth.

Soul Light Project Information

Soul Light Project contact:
[email protected]

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