~By Wendy Zangari
I have been cleaning up my side of the street and apologizing to all of those that I hurt for many years now.  Some of those that I had hurt, I had hunted them down on the internet, starting in the mid to early 90’s, and some of them I didn’t find until the last year or so. I have made amends to all of those that I had hurt so far in my life and I feel satisfied knowing that I only have to clean my karma from here on out.  Greg too has cleaned a lot of cobwebs out of his closet, but I think he still has a few to deal with as do most of you.
When I started going to Alcoholics Anonymous when I was 23 years old, in 1995, I had done a 4th step in the Big Book of AA, not just once, but twice and I kept doing my own cleansing in regards to my life and those that I thought had hurt me as well as those that I have hurt, all throughout my life.  I have made a moral inventory of myself and have looked deep within to find I was not a victim, but I made myself a victim and that I am no longer.
This is the path that all of you must go down now.  I have found a spread sheet that describes what needs to be done to cleanse yourself and your side of the street.  Do not look upon yourself as a victim any longer, this is where this will get you.  You will no longer feel sorry for oneself, you will feel whole, even if you have laundry piled up, you will still feel whole.  It is not about the externals of your life, but the internals.  Look inside and you will find a beautiful person that will shine for everyone to see, including yourself.
When I did both of my fourth steps in AA, I used a template, this template attached is very similar to what I had created on my own, with pen and paper (which is how I suggest you do this). The first column is “Who I am Resentful At”,  [“Who I am Fearful At”, and “Who Did I Harm”] next column is “The Cause”.  The next section is what part of you is affected.  It continues, as to say, “Affects My”: “Social Instincts, which affects my Self-Esteem and My Personal Relationships“, “Security Instincts: which affect my Material and Emotional world“, “Sex Instincts: which affect my Acceptable Sex Relations and Hidden Sex Relations“, and “Ambitions: which affects my Social, Security, and Sexual Relations“.  The next section is “What is the exact nature of my wrongdoings, faults, mistakes, and defects of character“.
When you make this spreadsheet or print out the one below, you should start on this process, sometimes it even needs to be done twice and it is a very extensive way to look inward, but in this physical world we need visual examples.
I really hope this helps all of you, if you have any questions please feel free to contact either Greg or myself.
With all the love, light, and prosperity one can muster up, I send to all of you the light and love you deserve, all of us deserve.
We will also be posting the rest of the chakra clearing sequence on Monday’s, Wednesday’s, and Friday’s. Unfortunately I cannot do Saturdays as I try not to turn my computer on at all that day.

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