~By Wendy Zangari
Greg and I met a wonderful person, Jilly, on the Co-Creating Our Reality site (the link has changed to http://100days.ning.com).  She has actually given us more incentive to do our videos weekly in the next session.
We have been slacking in this area, but I did in fact make my vision board, I just haven’t shown you yet as I am behind on some projects (including house projects).  I may take the rest of this week to work on those things that have gotten neglected over time.  However, I have given all of you enough information to last you a week.  Also, Greg has agreed to post articles of interest, or of his own, during this time, and I may pop in every once in a while.
Back to the topic.  Jilly started this group on Lilou Mace’s co-creating our reality website and we are excited to be a part of this.  Jilly has worked hard to work on herself and has been at this for a while now.
This time I had suggested to Jilly to start on the date of the opening of the Stargate, 11-11-11. One of the reasons why I suggested this to Jilly, is because a lot of you will still need to do some clearing.  If you focus all of your attention to those that you hurt and taking a moral inventory of oneself, which can be overwhelming at times, this is something you can do during your break from clearing your upsets.  However, do not make this an excuse as to not do a moral inventory of yourselves.  Greg and I are going to be doing this along with all of you.  So do not feel alone in this journey.
In regards to the vision boards, we are trying to receive abundance, which we all can create for ourselves. You are a creator, you can create your reality whenever you are ready.  This is the way of the future, think of yourself in the light and always in the light, it will surround your soul and all of those around you.  There will not be time for anger or sadness, it is not part of the new genome. Therefore when you create your vision boards, look so far into the future your heart will not know what to do with all of this information. You will then express this onto paper and show the world your future.  We are all transparent now and have nothing to hide.
I suggest that you register on the website and join this group, as it will get you in gear for a better you and getting the most out of “The Law of Attraction”.  We are all teachers as well as students, we never stop learning from each other. You will also meet a lot of people just like you and me.  We are all part of this revolution. Namaste.

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