~By Wendy Zangari
It has been a rough week for Greg and myself with physical pain as well as some emotional upsets at each other. Greg and I being TwinFlames, we could not let it last any longer, after we had made up last night, I put on a Cheech and Chong Movie, “Things Are Still Tough All Over”.  So we busted up laughing and all was much better, except the pain still remains and both of us are in bed, what a lovely pair. 🙂 I have to push myself to make dinner and the like.  Just like I am trying to do now, but I insist on delaying the inevitable.
This week I have gone through some doubts, some anger, but mostly tired, really tired.  I do not know how much longer I can do this, I am exhausted and I am a bit empty, as you can probably tell by me not writing my usual diatribes. Ascension cannot come soon enough.  However, if I know me, I am going to be waiting around with Georg,i after becoming a light being, as well as with others to help people through the portals until 12-21-12 or perhaps even until later when all that will ascend will ascend and the doors will be closed behind us.  Greg or myself  never take the easy road, ever! So Mote it Be! I signed up for this and I am going to stay until the end, who knows where Greg or I will find strength, but we have made it thus far.
I did notice that when I went out today that people’s spirits were up. This was good to see. I even got a free recycled bag from Dunkin Donuts for free.  I asked what this was for, the gentleman said it was because I was nice. WOW!  I should be nice more often. 🙂
So other than nice things happening to me outside of the house, I still come back to reality in 3d, which is what I apparently asked for. I am a caretaker, I am also a warrior of truth and principle!  I do not stand for injustice of oneself or the world, for that matter. I am a fighter until the very end, I always have been. So many people rely on us and Greg and I being a team, we will finish a puzzle to it’s completion and will not steer you wrong.  Between the two of us, you have two leaders of this world that is guiding the masses for world ascension.
This past week or so Greg and I have been reflecting, staying quiet, not saying too much and just listening.  Sometimes in life you have to stop and just listen, since listening and absorbing reading material and taking time off from the social networks, we feel freer. We feel as though we have detached from the world just enough so that we can get rest prior to this wondrous moment in time where all of society will ascend that have the light within. So please excuse our brevity in these times.
During these days we ask that all of you shine a white orb around your auras, do not let this light out of your site, it is imperative. This is to protect yourself in these times as frequent sonic trumpet frequencies are being emitted into the atmosphere. I had a hard time visualizing this until today, ironically enough. This is something that had happened to me when I was 16 years old and now I remember why it was shown to me. I have been going through the LBP (Light Body Process) for over 20 years now. This is why I do not get excited (I do not mean this in a rude manner) when I read all of these emails/letters of other readers like some of you may.  I have been at this for a very long time and just this year have decided to put my knowledge on the internet in this blog. However, I am honored, we are honored, that you are listening and learning as we are all going on these travels in our evolution together. We are blessed to have connected in this time on earth and have gotten to know each other this year.  We are all wonderful beings and we must understand that love is always the answer. 🙂

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