~By Wendy Zangari
Just last week I had gotten angry, angry enough to tear apart my vision board, but I just sat there at the end of the bed not doing anything with this rage but let it take it’s course within me without reacting on it.  This was the very first time I was ever able to control my inner anger.  The ironic thing was that I was angry because Greg spilled something on the bed and the cats were trying to lay in it and well it was a stressful moment to say the least, but I walked away and waited for it to subside.  When it did not subside I just laid my head on the pillow and went to sleep.
That night I slept about 12 hours, which is something I rarely do anymore, however I needed to release my anger and instead of doing it in real time, I guess I got rid of it in my dreams, because when I woke up the next morning I felt as though everything was fine and I even forgot about my anger altogether or what it was all about (which was my own self esteem).  I think this was the last release as I have had issues with my anger in the past, more so hitting the walls and throwing things as I did not know how to channel this energy at that time.  Now?  I am perfectly fine, I have no more anger, just complete exhaustion in these days.
So if anyone has anymore releasing to do, in these times it will happen more frequently, however this feeling will have a different result when you are done resolving the emotion. Apparently this is what is happening with me and I am wondering if it is in fact happening to others as well. It was a HUGE breakthrough for me as I cannot believe that I no longer have anger within me, this is such a beautiful thing.  Unfortunately during the time of my life I have said things to family and others that I would not have said normally without that anger and for that I am truly sorry, but I know that these things have finally been released and I can now move on and feel so much freer in this New Age of Light.
Side Note: There are also alternate realities that we cannot see and they evolve just like us. I believe that there is an alternate reality where Matt and I are married with kids and he wasn’t killed. So you see timelines are relative to the person in that moment because if you have reached many crossroads in your life as I have, you will see all of the other different possibilities in which your life could have taken that turn. Perhaps these are our doppelgangers and they can sometimes get mixed up in the same reality as yourself, not sure why or how this happens, but I believe it to be rare. Also, no one told me any of this, these are things I have concluded to and they are my truths, I am not sure who else thinks like this, but if you do that would be great confirmation in my beliefs, as this is just my life knowledge.
Getting back to the subject of this article, I wanted to say that getting rid of anger is something that allows me to be more open to other realities, if you will, which I have had many visions of.  What I mean is that I can view, like a movie playing in your head reel to reel, and a very clear view of this as if it is happening in front of you (in your minds eye). PTSD has allowed me to do this and when I received EMDR therapy, I learned how to move thoughts from my left brain to my right brain after I finished this process and told my therapist that I no longer needed therapy at this time (That was this past June), that I was able to do this myself.
In all of this I have now been able to rid myself of my PTSD this year, my anger completely (as I react differently to this feeling now), I was able to regain my focus and get myself off of my ADD medications, I have rid myself of my anxiety medication and anxiety, and I have moved my heart into complete love and compassion for anybody and everybody.  Even for those that are of the dark, because they have taught us lessons we will never forget throughout our lives, am I correct? Be grateful for these lessons and do not be a victim, because that is what they want you to feel, but you cannot give the dark this power over you. You have to be strong for yourselves and now together, we are stronger!!
There is a reason for everything and nothing is coincidence.  Together, being in so many places across the globe, we are strategically placed and we will activate the 144 grid of Gaia with our new DNA upgrades. What a time we are living in now. There is so much to know, but just know this, anything can always be turned into love, which is what we strive for in global unity. Just be love, I have learned to try to put myself in other people’s positions, and you do not know a person’s point of view unless you look at it with an open mind and see things from another point of view, their point of view. Be open minded and put yourself in their shoes is all that I am stating here.
We all have a role to play in this toxic play that we had put ourselves through, we can now take a bow as the curtain will draw closed and the show will end soon.  So take a bow, all of us orchestrated a wonderful play. The play will be over soon and for the very first time on this planet the light has prevailed. We have done a wonderful job and continue to do a wonderful job! 🙂 We are all united in this drama now and we have unity consciousness among the lightworkers that we have encountered to this date, because of this we can now control the outcome and we have already won! Bravo! What a show!

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