~By Wendy Zangari
I have been offline the past week with a back that went out all because I bent down to plug a cable into the XBox last week. So I apologize for our absence, but it did give me a lot of me time and time to process some things, which is what I am writing about in this article.
Today I wanted to write about being kind to everyone because of what I am seeing in the esoteric circles.  We need to be kind to not just all beings on this planet, but all universes and multiverses, even though some of them may be of the dark, or influenced by the dark unknowingly or knowingly, and whether or not they are working here as a clone or if they are working out in the multiverses, this does not give us a reason to badger this being. We are ALL sovereign beings and ALL of us, good or bad, have a role to play in this incessant drama.
We are not here to judge another, we are simply here to raise vibrations and when we speak of such things (and speak about people in a negative manner), we are bringing ourselves down to a level of consciousness and frequency not of our own and we do not need to be doing this to ourselves. I for one, refuse to go on another emotional roller-coaster while reading certain blogs.
I am also hoping that folks do not think they are better than another because they are a part of something that perhaps others are not. Do you remember when you were teased and been made an outcast?  I do and I do not feel it is necessary to throw ANYONE under the bus, no matter what the differences are. We are all one remember? And all of us have a mission and we are doing it successfully, no matter what forces we align with.
You have to understand that Greg and I post only what resonates with us, now with my intuition and mathematics background, and Greg with his scientific background, with a few publications, we cover a lot of bases and have seen a lot of the corruption in big business and corporate america. Also with a brother who has his Doctorate in E-Commerce and Marketing and is an Associate Professor and has many publications, a sibling who is a CEO and owns his own business, another sibling who is an Accountant, and another sibling that is in Advertising. My father owned his own business and installed alarms in homes and cars, he was also a Private Detective among other things, I think I can cover quite a lot of bases. (people need facts and want to know about the author(s) credibility, I know I do).
I want all of you to know that life is what you make of it and I intend to make the best of it and not worry about who is right or wrong in these last days. I have done a lot of research this year and last year as well, even though we have only posted on here since this past March, and I know what I know and need to know.
I also am not putting a label on myself, I may be part of PAT and perhaps an Ascended Master, but I do not glorify it, it is not my place to do so.
So in these last days or months, we have to understand that cosmically we are all changing for the better, those that choose this path. We have to understand that we were never alone and that we had guides with us all of our lives.  We can now hear them speaking to us, what a miraculous change when most people could not do this, myself included, yes me! I did not let anyone in my circle for years!  Just recently I was able to speak to a few of my guides and I hear them loud and clear, just like I heard my mom, my dad, and Matt.  These are real and all of my life I thought that because my thoughts were so loud that everyone could hear them.  I did well to not make myself a paranoid person, but a person that distinguishes between good and bad and what voices to listen to and which ones to avoid. I have gained this strength and it has taken years and in 2003 was the first time since 1988/89 when I saw the white light surround my body in my therapy session, that I was able to speak to entities individually. It was the first time and Matt was my catalyst in 2003 for waking me up yet again.
I guess what I am saying is that everyone has their path and they can turn to the light even when you are surrounded by dark.  It is possible, so watch closely as the changes in channels (which they are already changing) go towards the light and make their way.  It will happen!  Also, everything in this timeline can change in a split second.  Just as if you were faced with two decisions once again and do not know which road to take, each road leads to another destiny.  All destinies can change, so do not be down on someone if they change their tune, just be happy that they are coming into the light.
If there were an exorcism for these souls that were of the dark, then that is what we should be focusing on, getting them into the light as well (some of these souls are our souls siblings that have been taken over in body, mind, and spirit).  Minds can be suggested to go into the light, if it is a constant, almost like practicing an instrument, the more you do it, the better the results.
So instead of belittling folks for their beliefs, why not subtly suggest to them another point of view, gently. People do not respond well to anger or bashing of ones character on the internet. Remember, we are all one!
Namaste, Wendy

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