~By Wendy Zangari
Yesterday I made a video and it was so cold out, so I do apologize for my face not being on the whole camera, I am using a camera phone and I am using it backwards so I can’t see the screen, this way I can get better video footage with this side of my phone, but I have to figure out the angle.
Also, here is a picture I took of myself before I taped the video. 🙂

And a picture I took of the Sunset. All on 11-11-11. 🙂

The video I made below also on 11-11-11, is about living with peace and love, loving yourself and being yourself while indulging in child-like qualities.  This is how I try to live my life and when I see myself frustrated, I have to see that it is so silly to be upset about such 3D objects or even 3D situations. It is a tiring duality game that all of us that are still here must continue to play, however we do not have to work as hard at this because we have practiced all year to raise our vibrations and overlook the 3D reality as it is just a means to an end and I do not want things to end, I want a new beginning, a new life, a new hope, a fresh start. I know that all of us want a fresh start and ascend from this insidious game that we apparently seem to call reality.
Our reality starts within, nothing is impossible with dreams and hopes and desires attached. I always hope for a better future no matter how beaten up I have been by the system taking advantage of the whole world population. I know that we are working towards a better tomorrow, always loving another and being patient, with yourself and others. It is very important to be patient, especially when interacting on the road or in establishments or in your home. Always be kind, my father told me that honey attracts more bees. The sweeter people are to themselves and each other, the better off we will all see ourselves moving towards the New Age, in this glorious future we have set out for ourselves. We are the catalysts for our future Earth, lets make it so.
Greg and I have decided that our visions are one in the same, therefore this vision board is from both of us as these are our goals for our future and if we do not complete them in the allotted 100 days, in the 100 Day Challenges, then we continue to make them goals for our future.
Here is a video that Greg and I took of Chaeli a month before she passed to the other side of the veil. We also started up the video again when Maxwell, Chaeli’s boyfriend, came to help with her playing tactics.

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