~By Wendy Zangari
I feel responsible for guiding all of you in the wrong direction, however, it did seem to be the consensus around our esoteric circles. Therefore, I did not know it would lead us unto, yet again, down an incorrect avenue or path. This was not my intention, but I will not make an even more of a fool of myself by saying that we have now made history and the timelines are no longer BC and AD, but BPAT and APAT, WHAT?  Please, now this is going too far. I cannot adhere to this as this is just trying to wiggle your way out of an untruth.  Then saying that you have known since the 2nd to the 5th of November that the portal opening was in fact not going to happen. Looking back on previous posts (email exchanges with their readers) during that time span, not once did this person mention any doubts about this happening, in fact they boasted how right they were and how others were being misled.  I do not buy this wiggle out tactic, sorry, it does not jive with me.
I have been thinking all week as to how I could tell all of you tactfully what my thoughts are on this roller coaster of a ride.  I feel that this is about feeling good about ourselves, not judging others, but trying to understand them. Something I am constantly working on and usually get no where, as this is a very difficult act to do when in this 3D realm. Accepting everyone for their faults, mishaps, or quirky habits they may have, this is a very tough thing to do if you cannot love ones self.
This time we have on this planet, we can make this a better place by cleaning up our own version of our world. Giving yourself a break every once in a while and knowing that you are doing the best that you can in this lifetime. If you feel you need to work harder in resolving your own behaviors toward yourself or others, than it is something that you constantly need to practice at, because practice makes perfect.
Knowing that the mass ascension did not happen, makes me question my honing abilities on particular websites, it makes me question my own intuition, which is usually not wrong. Once again we apologize for steering all of you in the wrong direction, this was not our intention.
The direction that we need to go in, is from within, we need to look inward as to what truly makes us happy, what truly makes us thrive as human entities. We need to understand that we will come across people that will in fact try to steer us in the wrong direction and we mustn’t take a hold on such stories that infect the internet.  Once again I will center myself and lead you in the right direction from here on out, I pledge that to all of you, however, if I get this wrong once again, then you must point it out to me.  We must work together in order to complete ourselves as beings here on this planet, we cannot do this alone, all of us need others to be there for them.  All of us need affection and understanding and know that we are doing all the right things to better ourselves and this planet.
Speaking of doing the right thing to better ourselves and this planet, I need all of your help with this, suggestions please. 🙂
A friend of ours has disorganized schizophrenia and we have been trying to help him, however he has taken himself off of his medications and he won’t even let his daughter into his apartment.  We try to call him every couple of days, he does answer the phone, but he is despondent and has a flat affect in his personality, this is not the person we know. We have been trying to figure out a way to get him to the hospital to get him back on his medications, but he refuses to even go to his Doctor appointments, so we are at an impasse and do not know what else we can do. I have never dealt with someone who has schizophrenia, I have dealt with behavioral folks, but never something this severe. If you know of someone that has schizophrenia and has received help for them, please let me know if there is something we can do. Thank you in advance.
Now back to the scheduled program; Once again I want to reiterate that what this is all about is trying to raise your vibrations (feeling good about yourself) so that eventually everyone on the planet will thrive and we no longer will have mass depression throughout the world. If we continue to vision these possibilities, eventually they will happen.
I am starting to see big changes in the food industries choices on how they are making their products now and some are actually truly healthy, you have to be a conscious consumer though and read everything you put into your mouth (you are what you eat). However, at least you know what is going into your body with a lot of industries changing their ingredients to a healthier choice. Be good to you, that is where the love starts. 🙂
Having a good look on life is also a necessity in order to thrive in this world.  We have to learn to roll with the punches too and blow them off as it is something that should not get you off of your game of life.  They should only propel you further into gaining a thicker skin in order to blow these types of situations off, this does not mean to close up your heart chakra, this just means that we cannot let this get us down, we must brush our knees off and keep moving forward, still helping others in your path, along with helping yourself, this is nothing different than what we are currently trying to do for this planet and ourselves.
We will continue to post uplifting news and events as well as spiritual essays or founded ones, there is nothing we would do different, except this time we will not fall for a roller coaster ride that looks safe when it isn’t. 🙂 Once again we apologize for taking you on that roller coaster.

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